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Kuwait Shopping Places – Kuwait offers Top Ten Places for Shopping Addicted

Kuwait gold souk

Many markets in Kuwait, makes it a special place to shop. The visitors can feel comfortable when they shop, thanks to the architectural style. Also, the different styles add to the great variety. The shopping malls are surrounded by restaurants and hotels to refresh yourself while you shop. Go crazy and stay fashionable when you are in Kuwait. The subsequent shopping malls can satisfy your shopaholic soul for sure.

  •   The Avenue Mall: Recognized as one of the best malls,Avenue mall is facilitated with 150 contemporary lifestyle counters, hyper markets, a huge food court, an open end dining place along with a fountain. An Arabian trendy market of this huge mall will catch your eye and offer you high quality branded clothes in an inexpensive prize. 350 security guards of this mall ensure the security of the visitors.
  •   Marina World: Apart from shopping facilities Marina world is eminentfor its fun activities. Shoppers can cherish their evenings in the coffee house or restaurants after shopping. This mall is facilitated with a tight security system along with cc tv cameras.
  •   Sharq Mall: Located in gulf road near waterfront Sharq Mall is undoubtedly a place of attraction. Apart from getting stylish cloths of different brands under one roofthe visitors can get the opportunity to ride boats in the lake of this mall. This mall is equipped with a restaurant, café, food courts and a car parking zone.
  •   Kuwait Magic Mall: Kuwait Magic Mall is mostly known as an art retail mall. Basically conceptualized for the village people this is perhaps the cheapest mall among the malls of Kuwait. So you can easily afford variety of fashionable clothes in an inexpensive prize.
  •   Al Mohalab Mall: Al Mohalab Mall is famous as the Titanic Mall of Kuwait as this resembles the shape of Titanic Ship. Visitors can taste the facilities of fashionable boutiques, branded shops, cafes and food courts at one sip while visiting this mall.
  •   Al Fanar Mall: Al Fanar Mall updates the shoppers with the latest fashionable clothes. Shoppers can be stylized themselves with the elegant products of top class brands like Zara, Mango, Gucci, Tiffany, Godiva, MAC. The cinema theatre of this mall is being constructed in an American Style.
  •   Al Kout Mall: Al Kout mall is located in Fahaheel Distric. This mall is also facilitated with a huge lake. Every year visitors gather to enjoy the International Boat Show here. Apart from stores for clothes and jewelries Al Kout mall is having a huge vegetable market.
  •   Al Hamra Tower Mall: Al Hamra Tower Mall is still under construction. But in a few months this Mall is going to be considered as the tallest skyscraper in Kuwyet. Shoppers will be provided with collection of tradition yet contemporary cloths. This under construction mall is situated in between of Al Sauhada and Jaber Al Mubarak streets. This mall is going to be equipped with a huge cinema theatre, a large café and an innumerable food courts.
  •   Gold Souk: Gold Souk is considered as one of the hot favourite shopping places of Kuwait people. This mall is celebrated mostly for its grand collection of gold jewelries. Gold Souk showcases innumerable jewelry that compliments mostly American, Italian and Indian Style. So this is a must going shopping place especially for the first time visitors of Kuwait.
  •   Villa Moda: Villa Moda is a large shopping place highlights fashion items of top class designers. This place is conceptualized by Sheikh Majed Al Sabah. Villa Moda is a glass cube emporium.

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