What are the site seeing places to visit in Toronto, Canada?

Toronto is one of the beautiful places in the ice filled country Canada. People staying in Toronto have an impression that they stay in such a place in the world which draws attractions of thousands of people around the world. You must have heard about the tourists enjoying their visit in various places of Canada. Even the weather is very favorable for people residing here. Toronto is having a similarity with India. Since, we all know that India has unity in diversity; similarly, Toronto of Canada is one of the most multicultural cities of the world. It is amazing to view the patch work of people with different religion and culture

Exciting tour with Urban Adventures

You must contact Toronto Urban adventures to visit Canada and see the Cultural city- Toronto. The local guide you and show various scenic beauty of the city of Toronto. The historical and famous places in Toronto also attract people residing at various parts of the world. You will be taken in a small group by our tourist guide either on feet or by the car. Also the sense of humor preserved with the local guide will be exposed when he takes the tourists to visit various attractive spots in Toronto.

Features of the city

  • Most multicultural city
  • Historical facts
  • Tastiest beer
  • An affair with pork

Even if you are staying for 24 hours in the city of Toronto, you will get the tour filled with enjoyment, adventure and pleasure. It is also wonderful to have a look at the city from the local’s perspective. If you can join with the locals in Toronto, the tour will be really memorable and unique.

Attractions in Toronto

Kensington Market & Chinatown

  • The Bohemian atmosphere of the Kensington market can be explored by the tourists. This is also known as one of the eclectic and famous markets of Toronto.
  • You can easily enjoy the visit to The Legendary China Town in the city of Toronto. Visits will never be left alone without having the experience of the sights and sounds.
  • You will be able to discover the amazing graffiti art while walking through the hidden lanes of alleys
  • You can note down the name of the places you have visited and approach us again once you come back to get the same tour back.

Beer in Toronto

If you have come to Toronto and not touched the beer, it means that your tour is incomplete. You will be able to discover the fantastic variety from locals. You must visit Toronto pubs to see the entertainments backed with beers.


The St Lawrence market in Toronto is iconic for years. You can take a stroll over there in nabbing the product samples, speaking with the vendors and posing your admiration towards the products. Then you can explore distillery district which is known as one of the regenerated and historic neighborhood.

Pig’s Fry

You will be taken to the Hog town where you can easily become pork aficionado. You can enjoy some of the signature pork creative dishes in Toronto. Tourists can also experience the porky bliss with sausage and savoring delicious bacon. The local restaurants have wider collection of pork recipes.


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