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Visit the Merida, state of Yucatan-Mexico

Visit the Merida, state of Yucatan-Mexico


Mexico can be one of the wonderful tourist destinations for many visitors around the world. You can now book a tour package along with your friends and family to make your holiday wonderful and fascinating. Urban Adventures will provide a smartest holiday package in the state of Yucatan in Mexico. Tourist can visit the local market pick up some Spanish Lingo and know about the preparation procedure of regional dishes.

Highlights of Merida Tour

  • Tourist can easily shop the veggies grown locally
  • Visit to Merida can help preparing codzitos, salbutes, papadzules and panuchos
  • You can also explore one of the bustling Merida markets

Style of Tour

With urban Adventures, a style of tour will be presented to each visitor. It includes cultures and life of locals, visiting the local market, local life and local cuisine. You will be provided with a local guide who can speak local language and also Know English.


The tour package will include one light lunch, an English speaking guide, cooking session at local family home and transport as per the authority.


It will exclude gratuities and tips from the local guide, taxi for returning to the accommodation and other items which are personal in nature.

Total people that can be accommodated in the tour is 12. The management of Urban Adventure has decided the total city tour in the period of 4-5 hours. The pickup time will be exactly 9:00 am in the morning from the Caribe hotel. The tour will be end up in the final house with the cooking session. Thereafter, it will be the responsibility of the tourist to avail transportation by their own which will take them back to Merida centre. Since the distance is 2 KM from there, the taxi fares will something between $2 and $5.

Other additional information

It is important for each tourist visitors to hand over the voucher to the local guide at the beginning of the trip.  Merida Urban Adventures must be contacted to provide the confirmation of your booking before 24 hours of the departure schedule.

Dress Standard

When you are within the Latin Americans, dress standard is an important aspect to take care. You have to maintain both casual as well as conservative style. When you are beside the beach, very short lower as well as halter tops are prohibited. If you are visiting any religious sites, knees and shoulders must be covered.


In your Merida tour, the tourists will be really happy to avail the wonderful culinary experience, conversation with the local people, a visit to bustling market and cooking and sampling some wonderful delicacies of the particular place.  The tour can be started with the visit to a local market in Merida.

Our guide will take and explain you about the fruits and vegetables available in the local market. It is quite fascinating to know about chile habanero, achiote, calabaza etc.  In the way, shopping will also be done before reaching the host’s home.

The tourists will be able to consume one of the most delicious cuisine and many other dishes in Mexico. The tourists will be allowed to prepare the food by themselves. In the mean time the hosts as well as the tourist guide will explain about the traditions maintained by the local people living there. While tasting the dishes, it will be appropriate to learn various words in Mayan and Spanish language.  The beverages such as hibiscus flower tea and horchata can also be consumed in the due course. Experience also include a long conversation with the host.


[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.co.in/maps?q=Merida&hl=en&ll=21.031955,-89.635391&spn=0.451834,0.837021&sll=17.811456,-96.547852&sspn=29.204444,53.569336&hnear=Merida,+Yucatan,+Mexico&t=m&z=11″ width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

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