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My travel tip to angel waterfalls Venezuela

My travel tip to angel waterfalls Venezuela

The best place to feel the serenity of nature is to experience the water flowing from the rocks. The sight of it gives such pleasure to the eyes that you can’t think of anything else. Standing at a height that is startling 3,212 feet (979 m), Angel Falls in Venezuela are a must see for everyone.

The height is too much and the water becomes mist before reaching the ground. When compared it is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls, almost 800 feet taller than Yosemite Falls, and taller than the Eiffel Tower and Sears Tower joined together. So it is Big very Big.
Angel falls is located in southeastern Venezuela, and it is only one example of this exclusive ecosystem. The mountains that are huge and flat stand like sentinels above the jungle below. It takes you back to the Cretaceous era – when dinosaurs still existed on the earth. Due to the erosion that the surrounding rocks gave way to, the rest of the rocks gave this area of Venezuela huge mountains that are entirely flat on top.

You can find more than 100 tepuys in Guiana Highlands. All of them are flat at the top and they stretch from the fog.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had belief that these rocky projections gave shelter to the dinosaurs. It turned out to be the inspiration for his 1912 book The Lost World.

Jimmy Angel who was an American bush pilot went in search of gold and discovered the angel falls as he flew over them in 1933. In 1937 he came back as he crashed his plane while trying to and on top of the tepuy. He along with his three counterparts survived the crash and hiked for 11 days to get back to civilization. It was considered the world’s tallest falls after the National Geographic Society measured it in 1949 and then Angel Falls earned the title of tallest in the world.

When you arrive from Caracas. You can trek to the Ara-meru falls to have an afternoon swim. Later you can move to Sapo falls for a fabulous view. You will be able to see Toucans, macaws, parrots and howler monkeys very commonly especially in early evening. You should have the opportunity to appreciate the orchids bloom when you canoe upriver to Isla Orquidea.

Move on further upriver to Canon del Diablo prior to hiking up to the base of Angel Falls. The distinct feature is you can swim in the pools of the falls. Have a wonderful time swimming and then start your hike back down to camp.

Hike back up to the falls and praise the nature in the early morning light. Then head downstream back to civilization.

Best travel tip to angel waterfalls Venezuela is to know the best time to go which can be decided by the traveler however according to the weather the best time to visit the place should be:

November and December should be the ideal time to go as the water levels are high.

The weather is mostly sunny with rains for a short span in November-December. Temperatures range from 68-86°F (20-30°C). Make sure that while traveling you carry all that you need according to the weather.

Best travel tip to angel waterfalls Venezuela is that the destination can be reached in many ways though, you can get there by domestic and international flights that arrive in Caracas then take a daily flight into Canaima National Park via Avior airlines. You should check with some of the travel agencies that provide packages to reach the destination. If both these ways are very expensive you can try to reach there by finding some roadways.


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