Some ways for improving the travel industry

Travelling is one of the most favorite hobbies of majority of people around the world and why not, it is one of the best ways to spice up your life, get away from stress and to see wonderful places. Every year millions of people travel to different places of the world and in the last few decades, this travel industry has become one of the highest grossing industries of the world. However, in spite of their billion-dollar market, most of the travelers are still left dissatisfied and disappointed even after spending a lot of their hard earned money in the name of better facilities. So, here are some ways through which the travel industry could improve and provide better services to their customers:

  • Updating the check-in times of hotels

The standard check-in time of the hotels has become an annoying problem for most of the travelers. It is very irritating for someone to wait for the “4pm” or a so called “early 1pm check-in” time even after landing before noon or very early in the morning. The hotel authorities are well aware about the various flights landing before noon and so, it would be a great improvement if they start implementing the anytime-check-in principle.


  • Provide universal plug sockets in hotel suites


In this the age of gadgets, the days when travelers used to bring only clothes in their luggage are over. In the age of mobile technologies like smartphones, i-pads, laptop etc, travelers can easily carry these stuffs with themselves wherever they go. However, the problem starts when they don’t find enough sockets to plug in their devices and are compelled to shut them down. Its time, hotels around the world replace their two pins or three pins sockets with an all-purpose wall sockets and save their customers from the trouble of carrying multiple adapters everywhere they go.


  • Minimize the non-stop announcing systems in airports

It is beyond our knowledge if the airport authorities are aware that their non-stop announcement facilities have become a nuisance for the passengers instead of helping them. It is annoying, irritating and ironically, it is barely decipherable. So, removing the unnecessary announcement will not only save energy, electricity and money but will also save the passengers from the trouble of listening to an unending loud blabbering while waiting for their flights.


  • Make flight bookingsbookingsmore transparent


Compulsory transparency in flight bookings should be implemented in every country because by showing cheap airfares and hiding a huge tax behind the webpage has become a great problem worldwide. So, it should become a law that all the airline companies must show their price inclusive of all taxes at the beginning and not while checking out. It would be the biggest benefits for most of the travelers around the world.


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