Vienna: A destination that should definitely be on your visitor map

Vienna: A destination that should definitely be on your visitor map

Austria’s capital and its largest city Vienna is one of the most famous tourist attractions and also forms the center of the culture, economy and politics of Austria. Located in the heart of Europe this city has played a crucial role in the various phases of European history. It has numerous must see places and this article tells you everything about the destinations in Vienna.

Fresh Markets in Vienna

Vienna’s food habits are greatly inspired by the Turks who once ruled the country. You can have a feast on the various Turkish inspired food items like stuffed peppers, olives, creamy spread, flat breads and baklava while strolling down the streets of the city. The Naschmarkt is particularly famous in Vienna.

The Viennese Café Culture

A Viennese café is a formal relaxing place with formally dressed staff. A traditional café remains open for all the people and is very affordable with a small entry fee. With coffee, you can also read literature from all over the world in almost all languages.

Vienna Museums

The MuseumsQuartier is a museum installation area in Vienna that has Baroque Austro-Hungarian Palaces, reused and recycled areas along with stylish and chic architectural construction, all at a single platform that is the best place to know the historical heritage of the city. Albertina, Kunst Historisches Museum, Leopold Museum and Kunst Haus Wien are amongst the famous museums in Vienna.

The Viennese Wine Experience with Heurigers

The Heurigers are family tavern restaurants that are situated at the far end of the town near its vineyards. According to the locals, it is the place where life actually begins. You get delicious Austrian fare like big chunks of meat and enjoy seeing the families coming together to the place.

Classical Music and Opera in Vienna

The Vienna State Opera and Vienna Philharmonic are government supported institutions where you can enjoy the best classical music or and great opera performances.

Vienna Christmas Markets:

Christmas is the time where you find the fragrance of spiced wine, gluhwein, roasted chestnuts and roasted sausage spread in the sir of Vienna and believe it you will love it all.

For your lodging facilities in Vienna, you need to contact with the Vienna tourism board, which provides excellent and comfortable stay options.


Your visit to Vienna will help you take back home some of the most beautiful memories of the largest Austrian city.

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