Travel Tips to the beautiful Puerto Morelos in Mexico

Located between the lively cities of Playa del Carmen and Cancun is the slightly quieter, but extremely picturesque town of Puerto Morelos. With a horde of sandy white beaches hugging the shallow Caribbean waters, the town is a hit with beachcombers and aquatic lovers. It is the perfect place to kick back and relax while not disconnecting yourself entirely from the civilized world.

A slew of bars and restaurants inland offer the much needed entertainment at night while a host of other attractive attractions call out to the explorer in you (if you can get out of the water that is). So, if you are planning to visit Puerto Morelos in the near future, here are some travel essentials that would come in handy during the trip.

When to visit


You will want to plan your visit somewhere around spring when the tourist season is at its peak (December – April) in the region (don’t worry for Puerto Morelos attracts lesser crowds than nearby Cancum and Playa del Carmen). Avoid traveling during the months of August – November, which happens to be the hurricane season.

Getting there


The best way to visit Puerto Morelos would be to fly into an airport in Cancum or Playa del Carmen and then catch a taxi ride to Puerto Morelos. While most buses would drop you on the highway right at the turnoff that enters the village, some enter the town when requested to do so.



Your best bet would be to opt for a beachfront accommodation which would give you access to the region’s alluring beaches while not removing you entirely from the mainland where the restaurants, bars and shops are can be easily reached by foot.

Main Attractions

Snorkeling and Diving


The beaches are the main draw in this laidback villages. The sparkling sandy beaches hug crystal clear waters that come in varying shades of bright green, aqua and dark blue before being separated from deeper waters by the barrier reef that surrounds the region.

Snorkeling trips would take you to the colorful barrier reef where you get to see hordes of fishes as well as plenty of corals in different hues of greens, blues and purples. Regular diving expeditions are also arranged to the deeper locations along the coastline. Not to be missed out are the underwater sculptures off Jason de Caires Taylor, over 400 sunken pieces located off the Caribbean coast.

Cenotes Exploration

Puerto Morelos is home to quite a handful of Cenotes, giant sinkholes that are filled with groundwater that is both fresh and clear to dive in. Hiring a local guide would enable you to visit some of the more popular and striking cenotes that would offer you plenty of diving opportunities.

Croco Cun Interactive Zoo


Spreading over 150 acres, the Croco Cun Interactive Zoo in the region’s nature reserve offers you a one of a kind interactive experience with the region’s varied wildlife. The one hour tour will see you walking through dens teeming with crocodiles, holding baby crocodiles in your hands, feeding a peccary as well as other birds, tangling with snakes, playing with spider monkeys and spotting over hundreds of species of mammals and reptiles.

Alma Libre Bookstore

Image Source : AlmalibreBooks

A visit to Puerto Morelos is never complete without visiting the Alma Libre Bookstore, a quaint little bookstore overflowing with a great collection of English language books (mostly classics, best sellers and tomes) as well as local maps and guidebooks. Be sure to visit it.

Mercado de Artesanias

 Image Source : Panoramio

The town square in Puerto Morelos hosts a series of palapas dedicated to the Mercado de Artesanias aka Mayan artisans. You can find a range of handcrafts, art pieces and traditional textiles here. The rest of the market in the plaza also hosts a number of shops that sell crafts and souvenir items.


If you love the Caribbean, but prefer to enjoy it sans the crowds, head to Puerto Morelos in Mexico where you can enjoy a peaceful Caribbean holiday with your loved ones.

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