7 Coolest outdoor hike locations in Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers plenty of natural attractions that make it one of the best outdoor locations in the US. LA is home to some of the best hiking trails in the region. So if you are visiting the city and wish to enjoy some time outdoors, here are 7 hiking trails you can opt for to have some fun in the sun.

Heart of Hollywood Hike – Runyon Canyon Loop

This is one of the best hiking trails in Los Angeles to spot celebrities and is considered as one of the best people watching destinations in the city as well. Be treated to wonderful views of the Hollywood hills, Hollywood Sign, L.A. Basin, Sunset Strip and the million dollar mansions of more than one Hollywood celebrity as you hike along the trail that leads you to a spectacular summit called Cloud’s Rest.

Brush Canyon Trail

Comparatively quieter than the former trail, the Brush Canyon Trail offers you the peace and quiet you require to enjoy the stupendous views of L.A. in solitude. Don’t miss out on the eye catching views of Mount Hollywood Dr. as you walk through the extremely picturesque 2 mile trail.

Franklin Canyon Park

Stretching for over 605 acres, the Franklin Canyon Park is located near the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir, and has more than 5 miles of natural trails for hikers to explore. Walking around the canyon, you will be treated to the amazing sights and sounds of the wildlife and birds that inhabit this region. The park is also a very popular filming location for many movies (Creature from the Black Lagoon, Sounds of Silence) and TV shows. So don’t be surprised if you happen to stumble upon a shooting in progress while hiking here.

Eaton Canyon Waterfall Hike

This 190 acre park is a botanical, geological and zoological reserve that sits at the foot of the Gabriel Mountains. The equestrian trails present here would help you enjoy the native flora and fauna, and lead you to the Eaton Canyon Nature Center where you can watch a number of exhibits featuring live animals. Providing the perfect surroundings for family picnic, the canyon is most famous for its hiking trail that leads you to the picturesque 40 foot Eaton Canon waterfall.

Escondido Canyon Waterfall Trek

The Escondido Canyon Waterfall Trek would lead you on a mile long trek through tree coverings and alongside canyon walls to the majestic Escondido Falls strike bright green moss covered rocks from a height of 50 feet. The trail crosses the Escondido creek at regular intervals and so, can become quite wet, especially in the rainy season. The trail would lead you to the top of the waterfall from where you can catch some really spectacular views, opting to climb some more to reach the upper tier of the falls at 100 feet.

Vasquez Rocks Trek

The Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park stretches for over 905 acres in Agua Dulce. It is quite famous with hikers for its gigantic, multi colored rocks that can reach towering heights of 150 feet or more. The colors and patterns on these rocks can be attributed to erosion and seismic activities over the years. The hiking trails would lead you past t these rocks, giving you the opportunity to scramble up a couple of them to capture the stunning views of the surrounding regions.

Sara Wan Trailhead – Corral Canyon

This coastal canyon in Los Angeles would offer you uninterrupted views of towering mountains crashing against the ocean. Stretching for over 2.4 miles, the trails are relatively easy and deserted for the most part. Be treated to the occasional visit by the curious lizard or bunny as you ascend the trail to reach the top from where you can capture the magnificence of the surrounding areas in all their natural glory.


Los Angeles is home to some very adventurous and well preserved hiking trails. The trails mentioned above are the most popular ones in the region and warrant a try whenever you visit the city.

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