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7 Countries to get the best taste of meatballs

taste of meatballs

Think of meatballs and the first picture that probably comes to your mind is that of Italian spaghetti and red sauce decorated with perfectly round balls of meat. While the Italians may have perfected the art of making meatballs, there are several other countries that have perfected their own version of the traditional meatball. Here are 7 countries and regions where you definitely need to try meatballs.


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Of course, we cannot have list of the best meatball serving countries in the world without including the traditional Italian meatball that remains every kid’s favorite dish. These small circles of joy can be found in a lot of Italian dishes, from pastas and spaghetti to even Italian bread. A delectable taste ensures that they make every Italian dish a signature meal to be relished wholesomely.

Middle East

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Your visit to the Middle East would never be complete without savoring the traditional delicacy, the Kofte, which can be found in every country in the region. The Middle Eastern version of the traditional meatball, the Kofte is a bit longer and flatter in comparison, and is usually grilled on a skewer. It is usually made of a combination of lamb and beef meat and contains a wide variety of spices like cinnamon and black pepper.


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Trust the Chinese to come up with their own version of the meatball, especially related to the meat inside. The Chinese opt to use fish meat instead, with the end result being unbelievably luscious. Made out of fish paste, the balls are smoother and much lighter than their meatier counterparts. You can get these fish balls with a variety of Chinese dishes although we recommend the hot pot or soup.


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The Mexicans have their own meatball fantasies as well, starting with the Albondigas. A traditional Mexican dish, the Albondigas is prepared by dipping meatballs made of rice and beef, into a spicy tomato broth garnished with fresh herbs. The meatballs are slightly smaller in comparison but cooked to perfection. They are served with fresh tortillas and hot sauce.


Image Source : TheDimsumDiaries

The Frikadeller is the Danish version of the traditional meatball and is very famous in countries like Germany, Belgium and Austria. A favorite snack among locals, the Danish meatballs are prepared using stretched meat with other ingredients like rice, oats and breadcrumbs added for more flavor and texture. Extremely soft and totally delicious, these meatballs would go well with anything from soups to mouthwatering gravies.


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A trip to Sweden would never be complete without biting into a Kottbullar, the quintessential Swedish meatball. Extremely popular throughout the country, Kottbullars can be found everywhere from shopping malls and restaurants to roadside eateries and food cars. The meatballs are cooked to perfection and are served with a variety of dishes like buttered noodles, cucumber salad or a plate of mashed potatoes. So if you have never tasted Swedish meatballs till now, we recommend you do now.


Image Source : TheDimsumDiaries

Like the Chinese, the Indonesians prefer to have their meatballs swimming in a bowl of soup. That would explain the basic idea behind Basko, the Indonesian meatball dish that consists of smooth, light and bouncy meatballs served in delicious soup. Here again, the meat is stretched and pulverized to create the smooth texture. Basko is also famous for being one of the most liked dishes by the American President Obama himself. You can find it all over the streets of Indonesia so it would be quite hard to miss out on savoring the dish.


If you love Italian meatballs, then here are some standard variants from different parts of the world that are equally delectable. Don’t miss out on the chance to taste these meatball delicacies when visiting the countries mentioned above.

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