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Top vacation hubs inspired by fairy tales


Pictures and landscapes, characters and events sketched in fairy tales leave a wonderful memory in our tender and impressionable minds. Stories of prince and princess, witches and ogres read in childhood haunt us in a wonderful way even in adulthood. In fact, we nurture a long cherished desire to be in the fairyland and if possible try to identify the events, places and characters in the place of our visit. Places inspired by fairy tales have an irresistible hold on us and here we enlist our some of the dream destinations inspired by fairytales that we grew up with since infancy.


This legendary and perhaps the best fancy fairyland is perched on a picturesque and yet a rugged hill overlooking a beautiful and small hamlet. This charming fairyland was constructed back in the 1800s by Ludwig ll of Bavaria now where Germany is located. This was a solitary shelter for the weird monarch nestled on the ruins of twin castles from the medieval age. The “sleeping beauty castle” of Disneyland has drawn its architectural inspiration from this very castle!

2) Cappadocia:

Cappadocia is an awesome landscape appearing like a dreamland situated somewhere in the central part of the Turkish mainland. A unique feature of this modern-day fairyland is a ubiquitous spread of “fairy chimneys” with a background portrayal of fascinating rock formations assuming myriad shapes ranging from mushrooms, cones, columns and point headed rocky features. The natives of this paradise on earth have sculpted wonderful chapels and dwellings out of local rocks just fitting enough for the fairies to stay and charm people around.

3) Colmar, France:

Close to the German national border located in the North eastern fringes of France lies the stunning township of Colmar, which looks like it has come alive by the master brush stroke of a famous landscape artist. In a nutshell, it could be described as picture perfect. This medieval town will bring up an instant flashback of Venice for its amazing network of exquisite canals. This fairy-tale rustic joint is a feast to all your senses and that’s a reality you can count on.

4) Tunnel of love:

Situated in Ukraine, in close proximity to the town of Kleven, lies this 1.8 miles long tunnel of love. Flanked on either side by rows of trees, this exotic tunnel gives a fairyland ambience and the legend goes that if lovers cross this tunnel holding each other’s arms and are in genuine love with each other, their dreams, desires and wishes would not go unfulfilled.

5) Las lajas sanctuary:

This is a church with imposing Gothic design situated in Western Columbia, and there is a popular lore behind its construction. The legend that goes back to the 1700s carries a miraculous myth of a woman and her deaf and dumb daughter who took shelter here to avoid a malevolent tempest. It was believed that the divine image of Virgin Mary appears before the mother and daughter. The daughter was cured of the curse she was carrying. Even today mysterious events occur without any apparent reason, and these inexplicable happenings compounded with mysterious surroundings give this place exact fairyland vibes.

6) Ashikaga Flower Park:

It’s in Tochigi prefecture in Japan where the splendid garden with a fairyland look is located. The unique feature of this garden that would mesmerize you is its distribution of lush woods and greenery buried in a wonderful mix of color and fragrance. Especially, the flowering wisteria trees planted since ancient period would stand in full bloom. The fairyland atmosphere would leave you in a wonderful state of reverie.

7) Fenghuang, China:

This old city is closely linked to the Chinese equivalent of the mythological bird Phoenix that is supposed to rise from its charred smolder. Situated in the Hunan province of China, this beautiful city is meticulously preserved through time and is a perfect destination conjuring up a fairyland atmosphere.

8) Mont Saint Michael:

This island is mostly made up of rocks and located amid choppy waters near Normandy in France. Dotted with abbeys and monasteries, this island is known for strategic forts since time immemorial. Legend has that archangel Michael had made his divine appearance before the clergyman of Avranches and bored a hole in his skull when he ignored the saint and stood up against the devastating tides from harming the pilgrims. This indeed is an island straight out of fairytale scripts.

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