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Top 5 Underground exploration destinations to spend with your love this valentine

Carlsbad Caverns Colossal underground refuge New Mexico

Would you like to give your valentine a thrilling twist through a voyage to the centre of the earth with your arms around your sweetheart’s waist? Certainly, this would add a whole new dimension to your idea of romance that you could hardly imagine having to explore the unfamiliar world lying beneath the strata of civilization that we walk upon. The thrill of exploring the unknown underground world and bat infested caverns would certainly add to your romance in a new sort of way. The latent dangers lurking in the dark would only help bring both of you closer perfectly fitting in the role of a protector defending his sweetheart against any type of assaults underground.

Here we go with top 5 destinations that would make great underground exploration hubs this valentine:

Carlsbad Caverns, Colossal underground refuge, New Mexico:

Carlsbad Caverns, Colossal underground refuge, New Mexico (2)

Image Source : BlogSpot

Existence of a colossal cavern cutting its way in sweeping meanders under the limestone reefs native to the Guadalupe Mountains was what the native Indians knew from time immemorial. But the underground cave came into limelight only a century back when European settlers observed a colony of bats pouring out of this cave. Carlsbad cavern presents a number of options. Both the lovers can take an elevator from the visitor centre down 750 ft till you sink into a crude rock cubicle called the big room. If both of you are daring and bent on adventure, you could go along the traditional explorer’s route that runs almost a mile crossing several chambers and ultimately culminating in the big room. You will be fascinated by the natural patterns formed by the dome shaped stalactites and the dagger shaped stalagmite. The entire trek is loaded with thrills creating intimate moments when both of you are pressed closer.

Cheddar Gorge and Woo key hole, Cheddar and Wells, England:

Cheddar Gorge and Woo key hole, Cheddar and Wells, England

This Gorge is located in a village known for cheese production. The region has plenty of underground caverns of which Cheddar Gorge is famous. There is a famous cathedral in the town of Wells which is close by. These caverns haven’t seen the light of civilization till recently detected by human eye and are believed to be more than a million years old. The special features include Gough’s cave having a striking similarity with a cathedral. Then there is Cox’s cave known for its calcite sculptures in dazzling shades. You may take a departure from the cave and mount 274 steps ladder called the Jacobs Ladder that has been set up as a walking timeline of the history of the earth. The cavern is massively appealing and would keep lovers in a tight proximity helped by flaming romance.

Caves of Majorca, Spain:

Image Source : CuevasDelDrach

This is actually a Spanish beach town drenched by the sun, kissed by the sand and washed by the sea. This region is a home to some great caves on the eastern coast of Spain. The legendary cave of Cuevas de Arta is supposed to be the model of inspiration for Jules Verne’s fabled epic ‘The journey to the centre of the Earth’. They were originally formed by sea water erosion standing roughly about 32 meters above sea level. They present a stunning experience drawing lovers in flocks. The caves also feature subterranean lakes where love birds can even share ecstatic boat rides.

The Mammoth Cave, Kentucky:

Image Source : Wallpaperweb.Org

This chain of caves enjoys the distinction of being the longest system of caves on earth extending to an astounding length of 360 miles and it runs 379 feet deep below the surface of the earth. However, the journey through this cave system is quite a challenge as you need to climb treacherous steps and occasionally need to squeeze in through narrow passages. Nevertheless, it is a lover’s pick this valentine.

Howe Caverns and secret caverns, Upstate New York:

Image Source : Boston

Howe Caverns discovered back in 1842 by a peasant called Lester Howe, are the most famous among all of the North American underground caves. This cave is a bit crude down there with damp and spooky environment. An eight minute trail through the cave will take you through several chambers among which there is even a wedding chamber where lovers have decided to tie knots. Other activities for tourists include gemstone mining and pony rides. This place is indeed an underground lovers’ paradise. But exploring the safety aspects of this underground adventure is very important. The most important is the arrangement of lights and supply of enough oxygen for breathing. Tourists who fear claustrophobic confinements are out rightly discouraged.

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