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Top France Beaches – 10 Fabulous Beach Holiday Destinations in France

If your idea of a perfect holiday is to loll on a beach, sipping on a cocktail and watching the world passing you by, then you must head to some of the finest beaches in France.

France boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. From diving to water sports to catching some of the world’s most famous celebrities taking a vacation, the French beaches have something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the peoples’ favourites –

  • Cote des Basques, Biarritz: Known for its wide promenade, it makes for a great place to people watch. Dotted with quaint little restaurants and shops, this is an ideal holiday spot for people planning their vacation between June and September.

  • Paloma Plage, French Riviera: If you are a fan of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, you may just happen to spot them on this beach. A favourite amongst the world’s swishiest set of celebrities, you are bound to see the super yachts in which they arrive. A half of the beach is reserved for the non-millionaires though!

  • Plage de Pampelonne, Saint-Tropez: Spread over 27 acres of sand and stretching 4.5 kms long, this beach is filled with clubs, bars and restaurants. With its crystal clear waters and the availability of fantastic food, this one is a must visit when in Saint-Tropez.

  • L’Ile de Riou, Marseille: Secluded and away from the maddening crowd, this beach is wild and uninhabited. Accessible only by boat, this beach is a haven for the adrenalin junkies. It is ideal for swimmers, snorkellers and scuba divers seeking that extra thrill while holidaying.

  • Argelès Plage, Languedoc-Roussillon: A stretch of 8 kms alongside crystal blue waters, less crowded sure makes it apt for families to make a beeline for this beach. It has great on-site facilities like beach clubs and a marina. On the northern end of the beach is a tree-lined promenade that offers great respite from the sweltering summer heat.

  • Côte Sauvage, Poitou-Charentes: This beach is located south of the Ile d’Oleron and is accessible by a 10 minute hike or a bike ride from the D25 between Ronce-les-Bains and La Palmyre. Away from the tourism frenzy there is not even a single shop in sight along its 30 kms of white sandy stretch.

  • Baie d’Audierne, Brittany: Situated on a coastline stretching over 2000 kms, this 30 kms in length beach is one of the best to relax in. Also situated here is the Pors Carn beach that is considered to be equally calm and family-friendly. But be warned that the Atlantic breakers attract surfers from far and near. This beach provides the right mix of relaxation and thrill!

  • Beaulieu-sur-Mer, French Riviera: This one’s a children’s’ favourite! Being sandy and shallow, it is safe for children to swim in. A floating trampoline for the kids to jump about is hard for them to resist. Once tired of swimming, the little ones can spend the rest of the day building sand castles.

  • Plage de Saleccia, Corsica: Considered to be the second most beautiful beach in the world, the best time to visit is between June and September. This is completely undeveloped and has dazzling white sand stretching its entire half a mile expanse.

  • Côte d’Argent, Aquitaine: A beach to get the perfect suntan, this one is not hit by mass tourism. Known one among the famous nude beaches, be sure to carry some extra sunscreen lotion!

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