Top five Alluring Autumn Destinations of the world

The US calls it the fall season and is same with the Canadians up north. It is one of the main temperate seasons and is a change over from summer to winter. In the northern hemisphere, the season wraps up in the months of September and October. In the southern hemisphere, it is the month of March. The nights turn up sooner than summer days, and the shedding of the tree leaves sets in. The foliage turns into brilliant tones of red, golden and orange. There is a mild chill in the air, and the atmosphere is great. Here are some of the top autumn destinations.


1)Turaida castle in Gauja valley, Latvia:

Turaida Castle


The breathtaking vision holds the tourist spellbound and there is a riot of color spewed all over the place. Hardly an hour’s journey from Riga, the wonderful Gauja valley offers stunning scenery. The foliage assumes a brilliant hue of red and golden and the environment itself starts beaming. The amazing town of Singular is famous for its white Lutheran church and is not very far. Overlooking the town magnificent valley in the distant far, the red brick Turaida castle and the overwhelming fortification presents an awe-inspiring view. Your autumn trip to Latvia may culminate in a fabulous cable car ride.

2)Galilee, Israel:

Galilee, Israel 

This legendary place is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Autumns are fantastic and full of color. In fact, it is better than the summers and winters. Planters are seen busy on harvest. The old fashioned town reflects a flash back of biblical vibrations and has a peaceful demeanor. The verdant vegetation shed their foliage, and the temperature drops to a pleasant feeling. The celebrated biblical rural settlements around Bethlehem of Galilee in the seclusion of nature are more beautiful than words can describe and do justice to the divine scenery.


3)Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina:

Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina


This place surely feels like a piece of paradise on earth. The mix of green, red, orange and yellow foliage gives you a spell binding contrast against the backdrop of dazzling silvery glacier mirroring the rays of sun in all its luminosity. It is simply an elegant slice of experience. As a tourist hotspot, Perito Moreno ranks high up the popularity bar. The glacier is fed by the southern Patagonian ice field, which is the third largest freshwater reserve. This is an expanding and moving sheet of ice and less than two hours bus ride from the nearest town of El Calafate. The panoramic view of both the north and south portion of the glacier is splendid providing ideal conditions for trekking as well.

4)Sutton in Quebec, Canada:

Sutton in Quebec, Canada

It is an alluring autumn getaway. It is all color and soothing natural setting spread around. The lodges are cozy, and lodge rentals are reasonable. The restaurants are remarkable with splendid cafe and good food waiting. There is 52 km long well defined track offers a perfect setting for the hikers. It is a quiet little rustic setting that gets on bloom by the spot of autumn colors, and made famous by lip smacking French cuisine. The fall here is so pronounced that the array of maple trees appear as if set aflame. They offer a striking contrast against the azure sky. Besides maple, there is a plethora of purple sumac, crimson dogwood and yellow beach. As you drive along the countryside, lush pastures, orchards, farmlands and bridges greet you all along the way. It is surely an amazing autumn experience.

5) Japan:


In autumn, Japan has a special charm. The country side is painted in fine colors of red and orange. The landscape is picturesque, and particularly Kyoto and Hiroshima holds a magical autumn spell. In Kyoto, Jingo-ji temple holds the tourist captivated. It presents incredible scenery over the gorge of Kiyotaki Gawa bloomed in red with maple trees suffused in fall colors. Hiroshima holds yet a different kind of charm. There is an enthralling park called Momijidani-Koen Park means the valley of the autumn leaves. The park contains over thousand maple trees of five diverse ranges where wild deer roam. The place turns into a riot of splendid autumn color. Exotic Japanese cuisine is an added bonus!

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