Top five Cruise Destinations that you should not miss

The choppy waters surround you on all sides as your cruise cuts across the blue. The flight of the seagulls overhead and the occasional sightings of a pod of playful dolphins might make your day. If you are lucky enough, the distant vertical spray of water followed by the hump of a whale would give you waves of thrill as you rest on a deck chair your eyes narrowed down and transfixed ahead focused on the horizon where the sky meets the ocean. It’s all thrill and joy that a great cruise can feed you with, and an amazing marine experience to remember all your life. Some of the best destinations of cruise are portrayed here which will guarantee you back your money’s worth of pleasure if not more.

(1)   Mediterranean cruise:


This is supposed to be the best cruise ever across the sea. Well organized, though a little crowded, this sea voyage gives you tons of gratification. You consider yourself lucky to cover so many exotic and amazing places at one go. The cruise touches the legendary points like the French Riviera, the beautiful Istanbul, the enigmatic Egypt, the gorgeous beaches of Spain, the holy land of Jerusalem, the art and culture rich Italy and the sun bathed beaches of the Adriatic. This cruise is basically a sun- n –sand- n -surf story with the clear blue sky overhead reflected by the vast sheet of sea below. On shore, you find the oldest and ruins of legendary civilizations awaiting you with cities of stunning modernity standing side by side. Vineyards and radiant fruit orchards greet you on shore and this cruise promises you pleasures to remember for the rest of your life.

(2)   The fabulous South Pacific cruise:


This amazing cruise is quite long covering long distances in open sea. The mighty Pacific surrounds you on all sides, and the ride is tranquil packed with fun. The cruise embraces verdant tropical rapturous Islands of Moorea and Bora in French Polynesia. Exotic locales of Fiji, Tahiti and Samoa are brilliant featuring unique indigenous culture and overwhelming bizarre rituals. This cruise is a great experience for the honeymooners, and the Islands are simply breathtaking with a picturesque setting. Polynesian culture vibrates in these grand locales. There are mouthwatering assortments of sea food and coconut based delicacies. Native dances cast a magic spell with the performers decked in garlands, shells, conches and indigenously crafted attires.

(3)The Caribbean Cruise:

Your cruise fun is not really accomplished without tasting the Caribbean cruise pleasure. Cruise hits from one island to the other and in between you touch port stopovers. Although the Islands are not so much adorned with luxurious greenery, the Caribbeans have their local charm powerful enough to take your breath away. The finest targets are the Islands of Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia and the British Virgin Islands. Aruba in the Caribbean has attractive beaches, luxury resorts and classy casinos. People around you are warm and fun loving. Fine dining and the famous Caribbean rum would make your cruise wonderful, and you would love to make repeat visits.

(4)Mexican Riviera:


The Mexican Riviera cruise is charged with high action. Your sail is spiced up with heady Mexican cocktails along with vibrant folk music mariachi. As you cruise along the Riviera, you relish the splendid beauty of fascinating rural settlements, colorful souks, flurry city hubs and a rich and animated culture. Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and west coast docks offer spectacular vistas. To make your cruise terrific, do not forget to drain your glass of tequila and get high on the shot. The feel is exhilarating and the scenery around quaint. The legendary Mexican cuisine on board is an added delight.

(5)Alaskan Cruise:


This is a freezing experience and a different kind altogether. While you cruise, you get past fjords, glacial arrests and snow covered peaks. The cruise inspires splendid photo shoots. If you travel in June, the daylight is visible almost round the clock. Thanks to its high latitudinal coordinates and is a bonus to your cruise. Exploring distant glaciers on a helicopter would gratify your adventurous soul.

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