Best bargain destinations to shop for in Amsterdam

For most of us, shopping is the most joy giving activity. A profitable bargain for goods adds to the joy of shopping. If you are about to visit Amsterdam; do not miss these excellent shopping destinations. These markets have a host of commodities with some of the cheapest rates. Check them out…

Albert Cuyp Market:

This market represents the harmonious unison of the different cultures in Amsterdam. The goods mostly available for bargain are Turkish, Moroccan, Suraminese and Indonesian. The specialty of the market is the Surinamese roti kip rolls, which is spicy chicken within soft flat bread. Going along the streets with patience will let you know the food culture of Amsterdam. In addition to food, clothing, textile, flowers and bookstalls also provide good bargains.


This five front store, spread along five large narrow buildings is one of the cheapest and best bargain places for buying a large range of music. The store was opened in 1955 and is a labyrinth of world, jazz and dance. It contains a large collection of secondhand records. From Madonna’s greatest hits to the unknown compilations of Bollywood, the store contains a perfect combination of commercial releases and rarities.

De Looier Arts and Antiques:

This dark, depressing place seeming to be filled with unwanted old waste, from outside is on the contrary Netherland’s largest and popular indoor antiques market. From Asian furniture to religious art, from vintage jewelry to silverwares and, from old wooden toys to war memorabilia, this all in one market has all eye-catching items for people searching for something unique and specific.

Recycled Bicycles:

Desperate to have a local like shopping experience, the best option would be to weave on two wheels through the narrow streets with flailing shopping bags. BMX enthusiast Vitor and team make it sure to provide newcomers with affordable and strong bikes. They renovate and sell old bikes to tourists at the best bargain price. They also provide bikes on rent.

Waterlooplein Market

This is the most central cheap outdoor market in Amsterdam and has been attracting tourists since generations for flairs, Hawaiian shirts and amusing T- shirts with slogans.


From battered old guitars to antique chairs, art prints to bicycles, these markets in Amsterdam are the best shopping destinations in the world that will change your shopping experience.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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