Top 10 thrilling and challengeable adventure activities in Puerto Rico

Hang Gliding in Puerto Rico

Top 10 thrilling and challengeable adventure activities in Puerto Rico

Do you think Puerto Rico is worth only for the history and you cannot have an adrenaline rush here? Then, it’s time to change your thoughts about this Caribbean island. You can enjoy endless adventures and actions here. Water sports are the supreme activities in the Puerto Rico with swimming and surfing the most popular activities. Hiking activities is known as a gold mine compare to other activities in Puerto Rico. The numerous adventure activities are mostly found on this island among the world. The tourist takes part in these activities with the help of the specialist operators. The top 10 thrilling and challengeable adventure in Puerto Rico is –

  • Explore El Yunque – It is a subtropical rainforest in the northeastern Puerto Rico. It is most popular and beloved destinations in Puerto Rico. It is an easy trip from San Juan and the forest offers a network of hiking trails with the help of expert. The El Yunque means Anvil and it is clled for its distinctive flat peak. The most visited site is La Mina Trail, because it leads to La Mina Falls.
  • Toro Verde – It is soaring across the rainforest valleys, rappelling into naked gap at the end of the rope bridges. The activities done here is zipline and you have to fly face-down stepped in a custom harness. It is the main mid-air park in the western hemisphere.
  • Acampa Nature Adventures – The adventure like rappelling, camping and nocturnal ziplines in Mucaro. Acampa also offers excursion to Mona Island, tours of the El Yunque rainforest and camping trips.
  • Kiteboarding – it means a waterskiing with the power of kite. You can use the power of the wind to generate propulsion. It is a combination of three sports – waterskiing, windsurfing and paragliding. The best place for kiteboarding is Isla Verde and Ocean Park in San Juan.
  • Scuba diving – The Puerto Rico offers you to drive into the crystalline waters with an underground kingdom of coral reefs, sea grass beds and marine habitats. The plenty tour operators available at Puerto Rico takes you to underground destination.  You can look of hundreds of species of marine life.
  • Bike riding – In Puerto Rico you can ride the busy capital, sail along the beach, race throughout the rainforest or mountain bike throughout the forests. Biking through the El Yunque is not simple; it is not permitted through public hiking trails.
  • Horseback Riding – The west coast of Puerto Rico offers idyllic horseback riding on the beach. The two-hour horse riding takes you to the tour of Rincon’s world famous surfing beaches and also to iconic landmarks such as Rincon’s lighthouse and the dome.
  • Hang Gliding – This Adventure activities is hardly as scary unlike skydiving, there is no risk of falling. Secondly with proper instruction it is a very safe sport and third when you go hang gliding in Puerto Rico you will get the experience of free flight.
  • Kayaking – The Puerto Rico offers numerous kayak rental and tours from a beach to a coral reef. The island also offer kayak tours to mountain lakes, mangrove forests, nature reserves and much more that will depart you breathless with marvel. Kayaking is known as most famous activities in Puerto Rico.
  • Rappelling/Caving – The Puerto Rico version is known as best in the Central America, lush forest canopies, flying over green valleys and also in near-pitch dark above the swift-moving underground river. It includes the adventures like rappelling, caving, hiking and many more. You can also try zipline.

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