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Top 10 coolest and fabulous places to hang out in Jamaica

coolest and fabulous places to hang out in Jamaica

Top 10 coolest and fabulous places to hang out in Jamaica

Jamaica is known to be one of the remarkable tourist destinations of all times. There are various tourist attractions here, which are known to be the best of all. You can find many coolest places to hang out here that are very calm and provide you with very good relaxation facility. Below mentioned are the top 10 places to hang out in Jamaica that will never leave you with anything less:

  • Montego Bay (St. James) – This is known to be a tourist capital of Jamaica and is known to be a lovely little paradise, which will make you feel extremely relaxed as it includes many beaches for you to spend a lovely vacation and the people here are warm and friendly. It is also known for the best nightlife as you can find a lot of nightclubs here.
  • Kingston – This is a place that has various Government houses and embassies and is also known to be a greatest commercial hub of Jamaica. This is a place that is extremely great for business purpose and also includes the best clubs and restaurants and various other renowned hangout places as well. Hence, you can have the best nightlife here.
  • St. Thomas – This is a place that is very famous for Reach Falls, which is known to be a natural waterfall that is situated close to Blue Mountains and Blue lagoons. This is a wonderful area that includes various things like splendid water falls, amazing view of the mountains, beautiful green vegetation and many other things.
  • Negril (Westmoreland) – This town is very famous for the longest striking white sand beach. This place is also well-known for Rick’s Cafe, which is known to be a coolest place to hang out and have a lovely time.
  • Dunn’s River Falls – This is a spectacular waterfall and enjoying in this place can be the coolest thing you can do. It is known to be a wonderful tourist attraction. Due to this reason, you can find many restaurants and hotels here.
  • Boston beach – Boston beach is situated near Port Antonio, where a coolest holiday can be spent and also the wonderful jerk dishes can be tasted here.
  • Explore different caves – There are many caves here that can be explored by you. A few such caves include Green Gotto cave, Nonsuch caves that is situated near Port Antonio and a lot more. Exploring such caves can be the coolest thing that you can do this vacation.
  • Martha Brae – If you want to make your holiday a coolest one and have the best time rafting. Then Martha Brae is a place that you should visit. Your vacation can truly be a joy with this experience.
  • Doctor’s Cave Beach Club – This beach is situated in Montego Bay and is known to be the biggest cities on the island. The area of this place is known to be quite huge and having fun time in this place, can be the best way to spend your vacation.
  • Rio Grande – Rio Grande is known to be the largest river in Jamaica. Rio Grande is the Spanish translation for the word, “Big river”. What water sport activities can be experienced here and it is known to be the best tourist place of Jamaica.

Jamaica is a place for people who love life, fun, frolic and amusement. The places mentioned here give you all and even more for a perfect vacation. Check out some of these to get the essence of real Jamaica at its best.

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