Best food items avilable in Jamaica Restaurants – Top 10 delicious cuisines of Jamaica Restaurants

Best food items avilable in Jamaica Restaurants

Top 10 delicious cuisines of Jamaica

Apart from the various adventures and the various tourist attractions in Jamaica, you can enjoy the flavoursome dishes in Jamaica. This is known to be one of the best tourist destinations, where you can get to enjoy various creative dishes. Below mentioned are the top 10 cuisines of Jamaica.

  • Jerk Chicken – Jamaican cooking involves usage of too many spices. The Jerk sauce is known to be very famous here, which is basically a mixture of Scotch bonnet peppers, cinnamon, pimento and nutmeg. This is later rubbed on the meat and then it is roasted in a traditional way with the help of pimento wood. You can jerk any meat for this purpose. But Jerk chicken is known to be the best of all. This tastes heavenly!
  • Ackee and Saltfish – This is known to be a very traditional breakfast of Jamaica and you will surely crave for it every day. This breakfast dish is the best combination of ackee fruit and codfish. Onions and peppers are added to it so that it can be a wonderful tasty dish.
  • The Jamaican Patty – The patties consists of different delicious fillings, which can make a lovely snack. The usual patty prepared here is the savoury pastry that has ground meat filling in it, which almost looks like Indian samosa. You can also find patties stuffed with lobster, chicken, port and also stuffing done with the help of vegetarian ingredients.
  • Callaloo – This is a leafy green and is known to be extremely nutritious. This can be done in various ways. You can prepare a lot of things with these leaves like a tasty juice, salad, stuffing in a patty and a lot more things.
  • Escoviche – Escoviching is known to be a style of cooking, wherein various spices, onions and vinegar is marinated to the fish and then cooked, to make it a delicious seafood dish packed with the ocean flavours.
  • Rice and Peas – Peas used in this dish are known to be the red beans. This is the staple food of Jamaica. This is also prepared by adding fresh coconut milk and cooking it to make it creamy and give a wonderful tropical taste. Various spices are also used to make it taste the best.
  • Plantains – The big green bananas are fried and later topped with pepper and salt to make it a delicious side dish to meal or can also be served as a starter. This is the best to have during the times of evening with a cup of coffee!
  • Gizzadas – This is known to be the Jamaican version of pastry and is found in various bakeries and served in various restaurants. This lip-smacking pastry is basically a tart that is filled with fresh sweetened coconut, nutmeg, ginger and butter. It is gooey and crunchy at the same time. It is usually made up of different vegetables and fish.
  • Fresh Fruits – Various fresh and exotic fresh fruits can be tasted here like star apple, guinep and a lot more. A delicious and nutritious fruit salad can be the best to be made with the help of these fruits.
  • Blue Mountain Coffee – This coffee is known to be the best as it is fresh and is very famous in the entire world. It is very expensive mainly because of this reason. Have a cup of coffee and have the best time!

Various cultures have been affecting the Jamaican islands over the years and the result is the country happens to be the melting point of various cuisines. But, this does not intend that the local dishes are not worthy of mentioning in the list of delicacies. In fact, the amalgamated traditional local dishes with the other foods, make a gourmet party for the travellers.

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