Best puerto Rico Food Items, Dishes, Cuisines avilable in Restaurants- Top 10 spiciest and tastiest cuisines in Puerto Rico

Best puerto Rico Food Items

Top 10 spiciest and tastiest cuisines in Puerto Rico

One of the reasons the tourists adore the cuisine of Puerto Rico is it is a distinctive combination of cultures, ingredients and recipes. Although Puerto Rican food has the heredity of native Spanish, Taino Indians and the African slaves in Spanish and Caribbean cuisine, it has its own creature. The foods not only bring temptations to the taste buds, but also create a long lasting memory of gorging on some real sumptuous delicacies. Following are the top 10 spiciest and tastiest cuisines in Puerto Rico.

  • Mofongo – It is known as the king of Puerto Rico cuisine. This tasty dish is a filling mixture of seasonings, mashed plantain and a practically infinite choice of filling; steak, seafood, vegetarian, shrimp and pork. You will find this dishes everywhere on the island from Puerto Rico restaurant to roadside shacks.
  • Lechon – It is the famous dish of Puerto Rico and it is made from juicy roasted pig. The people who come from far sample this delicacy dish and this dish is called as Ruta del Lechon. This dish is well known in Guavate, Puerto Rico.
  • Arroz con Gandules – This dish is known as the national dish of island. This dish is Caribbean style which includes Pigeon peas and rice, but the Rican twist the dish with its secret sauce called as sofrito. Arroz con gandules is naturally made with pork, red peppers, ham, chorizo and olives.
  • Asopao – This dish is known as mom’s Asopao. It is the home-made traditional – a spicy soup generally made with chicken and rice. It’s like a bisque then a soup, and it can be seen in numerous variations, including pork, ham, tomatoes, chicken, shellfish, peppers, pigeon peas, and olives, among other ingredients.
  • Fritters, Alcapurrias, and Other Fried Snacks – This dish is a type of finger foods. It includes cuchifritos, alcapurrias, frituras, almojabanas, bacalaitos and bunuelos. This dish is a traditional dish of island and can be seen in all the restaurants of Puerto Rico.
  • Carne Guisada III – It is the perfect meal of Puerto Rico. This is one of the main dishes of the island, which is served in all the restaurants. This dish is a curry type and is mainly served with steam rice. It includes tomato sauce, sofrito sauce, meat and potatoes.
  • Pollo Fricassee – The genuine dish of Puerto Rico is Pollo Fricassee. It is a chicken dish and it is liked by all the tourists. This delicious dish is served with white rice, tostones and a nice salad. It is made with chicken drumsticks, sazon, potatoes, onion and olive oil.
  • Aranitas – Another well-known dish of Puerto Rico is green plantains called as Aranitas. It is traditionally served with mayo-ketchup with fresh pressed garlic or garlic powder. It is a crunchy dish cooked with canola oil.
  • Pina Colada Sorbet – It is a famous drink in Puerto Rico which is liked by most of the travelers as it gives energy and tastes yummy. It’s creamy, cool, pineapple-coconutty and a wonderful summer dessert. It is served after the hot spicy dishes. It is a national drink of Puerto Rico.
  • Budin – It is a traditional bread pudding of Puerto Rico Island and is very tasty. It known as sweetest dish in island and it includes cinnamon sticks, white sugar, old bread, vanilla extract and butter. An apt choice for desserts, people make this during special occasions as well.

The above mentioned dishes are simply the must haves in Puerto Rico as people out there should not miss the interesting and local preparations that are actually so tasty.


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