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Top 10 Activities must to do and must see in Italy that you will love

Girl in carnival mask in Venice

Italy is one of the amazing places where you can enjoy number of adventurous activities. Biking, riding, skiing, shopping and visiting the local destinations being some of the prime activities to do in Italy; they make the place truly enjoyable and engaging. The travelers and tourists thoroughly enjoy their stay in Italy just because their thirst for enjoyment and leisure is well quenched. Below mentioned are some interesting things that should not be missed when you are here.


  •   Ride on the Vaporetto – Riding a Vaporetto up to the Grand Canal gives best perception in Venice. It is a best experience in Italy if you are able to board at Lido in early morning.
  •   St. Mark’s Square – It is one of the best and photographed places in Venice. It lights up at night; it is best and excellent to take photos in late evening.
  •   Ride a Gondola – This is a famous activity that can be done in Venice. If you wish to pay for riding, you can get an idealistic experience and unforgettable view of the Grand Canal.
  •   The Colosseum & Arch of Constantine – It is located at Rome. Here you can see spectators for gladiator contests and animal hunts. A million of animals were killed in Roman games. The outdoor of the building characterizes numerous arches, some of which lead to internal corridors from the bottom of the stadium. The arches on the top floors were filled with statues of gladiator facts.
  •   Pantheon – It is a temple of Olympian gods built in 27 and 25 AD and it was destroyed by fire in 80 AD and reconstructed with columns and interior hall. The dome spans 142 feet height and was second largest dome in the world. Now it is converted into a Christian church.
  •   San Clemente Basilica – In 1st century, it was a pagan temple which was converted into a Christian church in 4th century. The outdoor and interior of the church was built with golden triumph of the crossed domed area which is made up of millions of small mosaic pieces.
  •   Vittorio Emanuele II Monument’s Glass Elevator – It is a monument of Vittorio Emanuele II built with big white marble monstrosity in 1935, located in a hill right next to the ancient Rome Forum and Capitoline Hill. You can go to the top of the monument by elevator and observe the amazing views of Rome and the ancient ruins.
  •   Santa Croce – for Renaissance treasures – It was built at the end of 13th century and the tombs of the church are famous Florentines, such as Galileo and Michelangelo. Its creative wealth justifies the inspiring frescoes by Giotto and Taddeo Gaddi, and Brunelleschi’s Cappella de Pazzi, an architectural masterpiece.
  •   Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens – Palazzo Pitti is a largest palace in Florence and in history it is the residence of the Medici Family. It is a home to various galleries such as the gallery of modern art, museum of silver, royal apartments and the costume gallery. The Baboli Gardens is the biggest public park in Florence and the most beautiful gardens in Italy and there you will find incredible collection of sculptures.
  •  The Leaning Tower – It is a famous tower located in Pisa. Currently the tower has undergone renovation work to reduce its lean. The town of Pisa is about 50 miles from Florence.

The more you see Italy, the more you will be surprised at its beauty and plethora of possibilities to get yourself engaged in. The innumerable museums and monuments are there to greet you when you just have nothing to do.

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