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Tips and ideas to help you plan your first visit to Disney World

Famous Walt Disney hotels around the world

Visiting Disney World, the largest and grandest theme park in the world is a magnificent experience. The place happens to be a regular feature on more than a few bucket lists around the world. However, unlike other theme parks where planning on the go is acceptable, planning a trip to Disney World would need plenty of preparation upfront. Why you ask? Check out the reasons below.

Disney World is almost twice the size of Manhattan. With over 47 square miles of attractions and rides, the park is humongous. In addition to the 4 main theme parks (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot), it has 2 water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach), a Disney quest virtual theme park, aBoardwalk entertainment district, 5 golf courses, 2 miniature golf courses, 2 dinner shows, 20 resorts, lakes offering boating, fishing and water sporting activities, and the seemingly endless Downtown Disney shopping and dining district.

Given the fact that Disney World tickets are pretty expensive, you would want to check out all these attractions in one visit. So check out the travel tips mentioned below to see how you can go about planning your first visit to this mega world within a world experience.

The Time of Visit

Disney World is open throughout the year. However, you would need to plan the visit according to local weather conditions and tourist peak seasons. Align the visit with your school and work schedules so that the entire family can enjoy the holiday in peace. Finally, make it a point to keep checking Disney World’s official website to see when they launch the discounts and vacation packages for the upcoming tourist season.

Getting there

The best way to visit Disney World is via flights that land in Florida. You can then take a cab to Disney World. It pays to book flight tickets in advance as prices can hit the roof during the peak tourist season.


There are over 20 resorts and hotels to choose from for your stay in Disney World. Offsite resorts, although budget friendly, can take a toll with to and fro travel every day. An onsite hotel or resort stay on the other hand would save you more time to check out all the attractions. Make it a point to check the Disney World website to see about the pricing options for different hotels as well as any family/vacation packages or discounts that you can avail.

The Places you wish to see

Although you would not want to decide the exact places you want to visit beforehand, we recommend you have a bucket list to help you navigate through the park more efficiently. Deciding where to go and what to see beforehand would help you choose hotels or resorts to stay in accordingly. So write down all the attractions in the park and mark all those you definitely want to see before including the ones that can come in later.

The duration of you stay

It would easily take at least a week to explore Disney World entirely (some complain that even a week is not enough). It would take at least 5 days to enjoy the theme parks, water parks, parades, shows and attractions alone. As in the previous case, jot down the attractions you definitely don’t want to miss out on, and then make some inclusions that could be considered if you have time for the same. You may be surprised to know that even Disney encourages longer stays, usually pricing its week long tickets lower than the 3-4 day tickets.

Other Planning

With the travel essentials planned, your only other concern would be onsite reservations for meals and events. This can be best left to the concierge desk of the hotel you are staying in or possibly a Disney guide who would help you plan out your itinerary in a more efficient manner.


Planning your first ever trip to Disney World? Then make note of the tips mentioned above to plan your trip in the most efficient and hassle free manner possible so that you can enjoy the magical experience wholesomely.

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