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7 Destinations not to visit on Valentine’s Day

February 14th every year has a very special significance for the lovers. Valentine’s Day would certainly portray a picture of a romantic getaway far from the discordant tune of regular mundane aspects of life. On this lover’s day both of you can expect special treatment. Wonderful landscapes and picturesque destination with an idyllic environment ensures no one disturbs you. But there are also valentine day spoilers where the destination will give you a harrowing Valentine experience that you would prefer to erase it from your memory. Here, we bring you a few destinations that would offer you a dull valentine you would love to forget:

 1) Bottrop, Germany:

This is one of the most unromantic places on earth not far away from Düsseldorf in Germany. Just an hour drive will land you and your lover to a godforsaken place you would prefer to run away from at once. The blandest place ever on earth devoid of any kind of music and poetry, this place is an all junk with factories built here and there ruining the calm under grating of machinery rolling. The location of hotels adds to the woes. It is an atmosphere primarily ruled by machines and dry rusted technical gadgets where human sentiments and emotions receive only a secondary response. You will certainly curse this place and rush to catch the next flight back home.

2) Devon Island, Nunavut:

This mind numbing destination lies between Baffin and Ellesmere islands, and it actually does not deserve to be a destination to enjoy your love. The living animals on this island are the musk oxen and polar bears Even the once inhabiting Eskimo population have deserted this island back in 1936. Home to a team of scientists working on possibilities of life on Mars, this island will make you cry if by any twist of fate you happen to select this destination as your Valentine getaway. However, the southern tip is ironically called the “true love lowland”. Only the inexperienced would be misled by such a luring title to find themselves trapped into banishment in their Valentine’s Day.

3) Osh, Kyrgyzstan:

The attitude of the Kyrgyz’s government towards Valentine’s Day is extremely discouraging. It is rather strange without having any logical explanation that the officials in Kyrgyzstan have a preconceived notion that the Valentine’s Day would adversely affect the morality of the children. Some even call Valentine’s Day to be the “day of the devil”. It is just a matter of common sense that spending this special day in Kyrgyzstan would be a blunder as there is an enormous negative response to this celebration right from the government level.

 4) Agra, India:

Although India is a very liberal country having a very flexible attitude towards Valentine’s Day and Taj Mahal in Agra epitomizing one of the famous love sagas in history, the equation is not so plain and simple for religious fundamentalists. The hardliners in Agra have openly voiced their disapproval for this day since they believe the activities that take place on this day cannot be termed as civilized and ethical. Therefore, it could be inferred that Valentine’s Day spent in Agra may not be too pleasant.

5) Lombok, Indonesia:

It should be borne in mind that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world and it is the prime religion of the nations. Matters relating to love between fiancés are looked upon with contempt. Religious dogmas are so rigid that Valentine’s Day is often referred as a “sex holiday”. So spending this special day in Indonesia, in Lombok to be particular would not only be a bland affair, but you may be in for nasty surprises for your overenthusiastic acts of love which may amount to crime as per the local legislation.

6) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Just like in Indonesia the flames of fanaticism have made Valentine’s Day a target to shoot at. Back in 2012, a large number of merry Muslim couples were arrested for being obscenely too close to each other. Talk of spending and spoiling your Valentine’s Day in this country!

7) Isfahan, Iran:

Just three years back the Iranian government has slapped a ban on anything connected to heart and matters of love. Heart shaped cut outs and red roses were declared offensive and so were rock music and women’s participation in open mirth and celebration. So planning your Valentine’s Day in Iran would be just a waste of time.

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