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7 Awesome countries to visit for proposing your love


You need a perfect ambiance to express your love to your paramour with carefully worded lines conveying how much you care for him/her and would greatly love to have him/her as your life partner. However, the place where you utter these lines straight from your heart has a significant role to play. The scenic beauty and the local vibes’ that stand as a fitting background to your very private sojourn with your lover is a powerful factor leading to a successful conversion of a proposal into marriage. Here we explore those amazing countries which offer a perfect milieu for proposing to your partner:

1) France:

France is a country with awesome landscape, a combination of exquisite cuisine and finest of wines and off course with its rich legacy of art and culture of international repute. It is the perfect place for courtships. The landmark of Eiffel tower in particular located in the French capital of Paris seems to be the ideal spot for lovers to propose to each other. Chic and heavily stylized cafés are some of the most famous and flamboyant examples of space age architecture spread at galore throughout the city and the tower a true masterpiece of its kind stands in all magnificence beckoning the entire population of lovers to the best rendezvous for a proposal. In and around Paris, the air is thick with whispers of love as if Cupid himself had been the chief designer of this amazing city.

2) Venice:

A gondola ride through the canals of Venice could be an amazingly romantic place to propose your lover with the sweetest of words chosen with fervor. A romantic ride across the mystic waters of an exotic network of canals on a dream Gondola would bring up the right atmosphere for the right words to be uttered at the right moment. The surrounding magical environment including busy markets and squares, the stunning architecture and art galleries would be echoing the most sought after words “I Love You”. You will be amused at the humorous gondola paddle man whose intelligent smiling face would inspire you to utter those precious words that you have selected and nurtured with care.

3) USA:

While romantic destinations are in plenty in US, you can select The Grand Canyon in Arizona as your proposal venue. This 277miles long Gorge reflecting brilliant orange hue sets the atmosphere on wild flame. Through the amazing whims of evolution and geological alterations over the ages touching almost six million years, this pulse beat stopping canyon had been cut into the earth by river Colorado. It inspires an appropriate atmosphere where lovers would love to be in each other’s company and deliver the long cherished words of proposal. Its sheer size and the imposing impact would leave the lovers thrilled and spellbound that they would be spiked to fall in each other’s arms.

4) Italy:

Romance is always in the air in Italy. You can opt for the Trevi Fountain to propose your love. Locally known as Fontana De Rome, this is undisputedly the most unsurpassed fountain in Rome drawing lovers from across the globe. There are fabulous photography subjects around the fountain enormously appealing to the lovers. Moreover, with arms around each other’s waist they can visit famous historical monuments and architectural genius like the coliseum, the Vatican, the Pantheon and the marvelous Italian countryside providing enough background material to lovers to inspire a romantic mood which is a prerequisite to a proposal.

5) Canada:

Do not apprehend that this icy cold country would not provide you the right ambience for proposal. You can select the most popular and vibrant Niagara Fall to attain fulfillment of your love through proposal. This admiration stirring waterfalls of an unfathomable splendor spewing out six billion cubic feet of water falling over a sheer drop of hundreds of meters conjures up an intoxicating atmosphere that the love birds find hard to resist. This is just the right place for conveying a proposal to your lover. Montreal, Newfoundland and Alberta present you exciting proposal venues as well.

6) Australia:

Planning to propose in Down Under? Australia will never let you down. Sydney Harbor Bridge is the most prominent and an iconic piece of milestone architecture in entire Down Under to propose your love. The Sydney weather beaten by sand, surf and sun is extremely irresistible for the lovers. Then again the stunningly wonderful beaches would be an ideal background to deliver the sugar coated words of proposal.

7) UK:

You cannot overlook the fascinating destinations of UK to propose your love, and the London Eye, the largest spinning observation wheel would be a unique place for this event. This 135 meters high ride at the topmost point of the wheel will give both of you a feeling that you are at the top of the world ardently in love with each other. Proposing your love while enjoying a cruise on Thames can be another excellent choice unique of its own.

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