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Things you can do in Venice only

Located at the Northeastern part of Italy, Venice is a not only beautiful but also extraordinary. Many lovers of travelling would like to visit this place. If you are planning to visit this city of classic beauty and romance then you must know the things that you must enjoy here. The tourism companies and Venetian government might misguide you on this aspect. The truth is that a traveler needs to explore a country or city on his/ her own and form their individual idea about the place but now days who has time? To aid your tour, this article will describe 10 most fantastic activities that you should take part in for understanding Venice.


Roam around the city without any particular destination in your mind. Your wanderlust in Venice will help you understand the true beauty and construction of the city and you will be able to spot some architectural wonders that would not be apparent to you otherwise.

Go to the St. Mark’s Basilica

It is a gorgeous church, which echoes age-old charm and elegance. Time has not been able to destruct its beauty. The mosaic work is intricate and done with extraordinary craftsmanship. Different colored marbles have been used for creating the high pillars. You don’t have to pay for entering the church but you need to pay for visiting the museums within. Go up to the roof and you will get a view of the whole city around.

Ride the Vaporetto

You cannot miss the Vaporetto ride if you are in Venice. Book a ride of Vaporetto up the Grand Canal and you will get to see the beauty of real Venice. The water ways are the most crucial part of Venice because they make this Italian town stand out.

Pay a Visit to St. Mark’s Square

Well lit and really gigantic St. Mark’s square is the ideal place to take snaps and enjoy the Venetian breeze. In the evening this place looks more gorgeous than in day times.

The Rialto and Academia Bridge Visit

You should also visit the Rialto and Academia bridges. Around the rialto bridge you will get to experience some shopping pleasure.

Take the Elevator Up the Campanile

Get a wide view of the city from the top of the bell tower adjacent to St. Mark’s square.

Gondola Rides

Make time for the Gondola rides. Riding a Gondola once is certainly not enough. It is especially interesting for couples.

Pay a Visit to Murano

It is the ultimate shopping destination in Venice that you must visit.

Watch Glass Blowing at Murano Island

Watch glass blowing live at the Murano Island workshops where glass sculptures is created.

Take a Tour of Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace is another architectural wonder of Venice that you must see. By taking this tour you will get to walk on the Bridge of Sighs.

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