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Five Indian tourist destinations that foreigners love the most

India is one of the topmost tourist destinations across the world. In a country where tourist is compared to god, you will have no dearth of friendliness and respect you deserve if you visit this country. There are so many world famous tourist destinations located across the length and breadth of this country but out of them some are really cool and worth visiting by foreigners. So here in this article, we have covered five such famous tourist places, which are most after sought and if you are visiting India, you should not forget to visit them in person.

Taj Mahal

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this magnificent piece of art and splendor was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in year 1653. Almost 22,000 workers were employed to build this epitome of love, which took around not less than 22 years to complete the work and give it its final shape and looks. Build in the memory of Mumtaj Mahal, Shah Jahan’s third wife, this monument of love is situated in Agra.


Goa is famous for its pristine beaches and splendid coastline. Although Goa is one of the smallest states in India, it’s full of merry making and warm-hearted people. You can get yourself involved in so many wonderful activities in Goa such as swimming, sunbathing, open-air parties etc. Although tourists throng Goa all year round but to get the best out of your visit, it’s advisable to explore it in winter season.

Ajanta Ellora

Ajanta Ellora caves are situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. It’s a world famous tourist destination in India and is visited by tourist fraternity across the globe. These are basically caves that has been artistically chiseled out in around 5th century AD and consists of beautiful sculptures and paintings. Due to their fame and archeological value, Ajanta Ellora has been declared as world heritage sites long ago.

Mysore Palace

Situated in Mysore, this palace, built by Wodeyars in year 1912, is an excellent piece of architecture and engineering of old era. Mysore palace or Amba Vilas Palace, as it’s famously known as, is a landmark creation of its times and is currently one of the best palaces that can be seen and explored in India.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham temple is situated in Delhi on the banks of river Yamuna and is famous for its artistic design. The temple is also known as Swami Narayan Temple and is a must visit tourist destination. The temple is entirely built according to Hindu architecture, and is an excellent epitome of people’s belief in religion and god.

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