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The 4 Best Handpans for Your Trip

Handpan for Your Trip

Here are top 4 ideas for travelling with your handpan or steel tongue drum and the perfect matching scales for each trip.

Pack your bags and be ready for the best traveling experience in your life! Here are top 4 ideas for travelling with your handpan or steel tongue drum (and if you still haven’t any, hurry up to get a drum for sale) and the perfect matching scales for each trip.

1. Santorini sunset chilling


Snow white walls, azure blue roofs, shutters, and doors, small meandering streets, purple waterfalls of flourishing begonia, clear blue sea and shining sun – a slice of paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Take a walk around small streets of the ancient town of Thyra and Oia. Take the way to the highest point of the island. Lovers of majestic open scenery will have their minds blown (be ready for muscle strain and the stairways ups and downs along the way). Take off the beaten track and main touristic flow. The spectacular views and famous architecture are the same everywhere not only on the main road. You’ll find many secret corners and hidden spots to enjoy the scenery and play your hand drum.

The best drums to take with:

…are the RAV Vast drums that can easily change the music mood. Just like Santorini’s mood change from the excited crowded day to more relaxed velvety evening. With the scales-chameleons like the B RUS and A Integral you can easily change the key from major to minor. However, the A Integral scale can be a little bit tricky, so if you just want a good sound and the scale you will be able to easily deal with, opt for the B RUS.

2. Bali tropical retreat

Magnificent beaches, long walks around tropical forests, yoga session among the rice fields. And it’s practically the first place to pop up in mind when thinking about the hang drum music. Bali is a perfect destination to travel and RAV will be a must-have accompaniment in this trip. Take your seat on a beach near the ocean, or settle down in a secret summer house hidden in the hilly center of the island and meditate with the RAV drum.

The best drums to take with:

For this trip you might be looking for the meditative handpan drum for sale. Choose the B Celtic Minor RAV Vast (it’s really peaceful and calming) or the G Minor Pentatonic (soothing sound with some Japanese vibes). These are the best scales for meditation and yoga sessions.

3. Iceland lava field wandering


Iceland is believed to be a deserted corner of the world, but its impregnable and sober beauty mesmerizes. Take a road trip around the country. From the right window, you’ll see cascading waterfalls, from the left one you’ll observe the post-apocalyptic Star Wars tundra, while the windscreen will be filled with the ocean stretching over the horizon as far as you can see. Try different hiking trails, which are very popular here, or pave your own track. Travelling around Iceland is finding breathtaking stark sceneries and observing them staying wordless. Take your seat near the glacier or a waterfall and delve into this beauty along with the hypnotic sounds of the steel drum.

The best drums for this journey:

From all the RAV drums on sale the darkest and moodiest scales are the E Low Pygmy RAV Vast and the F Pygmy RAV Pan. Their sound will blend in the gloomy and deserted Icelandic environment. The soft-sounding scales like the B Celtic Minor RAV Pan and the melancholic A Marmara RAV Vast will also work well in this case as even the tiniest sound will sound loudly in the silent Icelandic landscape.

4. New-York street busking

Manhattan island is the place where you can hear music from everywhere, starting from Broadway and to the multiple musicians playing on the streets. NYC is a perfect destination for busking and if you practice street playing (or are eager to try), there’s no place better. Between the excursions to the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, take your time to settle down in the Central Park and perform your play for the passers-by.

The best drums for this journey:

If you decide to try busking, choose the solo scale with an intensive sound to beat the street noise. The great choice is the E Low Pygmy RAV Vast. This scale provides the longest sustain and creates a loud vibrating sound. It also has a very specific voice that will instantly catch the public attention.

Tips for any travel

Safety is essential. Keep your instrument in a hard case to protect it from potential harm. Tongue drums and handpans are made out of steel. Metal can shrink and expand because of air pressure and temperature changes. You can find that the sound to be a little bit different in various environment. Drum’s voice will be different in cold Iceland and warm Bali. When you get back home your instrument will more likely get back to its usual sound. If not, your handpan may require some retune (whilst tongue drums are more sustainable and don’t require retune). Keep it in mind to get ready and enjoy your amazing traveling and the amazing RAV’s sound!

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