Switzerland Luxury, Costly Hotels – Top 10 luxury hotels in Switzerland for the best stay

Stay in Switzerland can be wonderful if you can get to stay in the best luxury hotels of this place. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to be a part of the amazing hotels of this place? These are also known to be the best tourist destinations in this country. Below mentioned are the top 10 luxury hotels in Switzerland that are known to be the best tourist attractions as well.

  • Baur au Lac – This is prestigious hotel in Switzerland that was established in the year 1844 and is known to be one of the very grand hotels of this place since then. Many celebrities like Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner and many more have known to be stayed here. This hotel is especially the best to be stayed by business delegates.
  • Widder hotel – The various buildings of this hotel was constructed during the 15th century. It is now known to have been transformed to a luxurious inn. The glass elevators and the stainless steel furniture of this hotel are known to be the best and the ambience is just amazing. The live jazz in bar of this place is something that will surely be loved by you.
  • Hotel Drei Konige – This is known to be the oldest hotel in the whole of Europe. It was initially the site of meeting between Burgundian king and 2 holy Roman emperors. Many renowned personalities have stayed in this hotel here like Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm II and many more have stayed in this magnificent hotel. It also includes live jazz in the bar, which is a favourite of most of the people.
  • Allegro Bern –This luxurious hotel is situated in Swiss capital and has got the credit of being one of the sophisticated hotels of the whole of Europe. This hotel provides guest with amazing services, the best comfort and a lot of charm and style.
  • Palace Hotel Gstaad – This is known to be a fabulous hotel for the luxurious people. The very annual house party, which is very expensive in Europe is conducted here. It was built in the year 1912 and is known to be the best with respect to architecture.
  • Beau-Rivage Palace – This hotel is located in Lausanne and is known to be very prestigious. The service provided in this hotel is something that should be appreciated. This is a best place for families and various professionals for a pleasant stay. This place is usually preferred by wealthy people as everything is usually expensive.
  • Le Richemond – This hotel was built in the year 1875 and is known to be designed very beautifully with the French antiques. The hardworking staff of this hotel, make sure to cater to all your timely needs. The bar in this hotel is known to be extremely fascinating.
  • Kulm Hotel – This hotel provides with the best facility for a pleasant stay. It is very sure that each and every moment you spend here will be very memorable. The in-house restaurant also serves you with the best cuisine.
  • Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – This hotel is very popular among celebrities and was known to be set up in the year 1896. It includes 37 suites and 157 guestrooms. Various luxuries, sports, style and the amazing cuisine can be enjoyed here.
  • The Kempinski Grand Hotel – This hotel is known to be a perfect combination of elegance and the best lifestyle. When you are here, you can have easy access to various outdoor activities as well. As a part of recreational facility, you can enjoy the spa here.

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