Switzerland Historical Sites – Top 10 historical places in Switzerland that displays history

The archeological site of a roman theatre Augsuta Raurica

Historical places in Switzerland are found in plenty and these are known to be the best tourist attractions of all times. These are various historical tourist destinations in this place that are well-known for their rich history. History of Switzerland is truly fascination and delves one into the depths of European culture. The heritage and historical buildings are kept under strict government supervision, thereby ensuring its premium value and significance. Below mentioned are the top 10 historical places in Switzerland that are extremely famous.

  • Augusta Raurica – This is a very renowned place in Switzerland, which is actually a theatre that was constructed during the period of 15 BC. It is located in Giebenacherstrasse, Augst of Switzerland. This is also famously known as archaeological museum and has amazing historical background as well.
  • Aventicum – This is known to be a splendid roman site of the ancient times and was once the capital of Helvetians. This is located in Avenches of Switzerland. The origin of this place is not yet known and the place is extremely beautiful.
  • Batiment des Forces Motrices – This is known to be a very old hydroelectric station and also includes the very big water tank that is fixed to it. It is a monument that is found in Geneva in Switzerland. The style of this monument is known to be extremely artistic.
  • Benedictie Convent St. John Mustair – This is a convent that was established in the 8th century and is now known to be a famous museum. This place is located in Mustair of Switzerland. The architecture and painting of this place is known to be truly stunning. It is located on a very beautiful landscape.
  • Bex Salt Mines – This is known to be a salt mining industry that was set up during the 17th century. This is a very renowned tourist attraction that is located in the town of Bex. You will know about mining procedure of salt once you visit this place.
  • Castle of Chenaux – This is known to be founded during the 14th century. It is situated in Estavayaer and is known to be one of the oldest castles of Switzerland that is extremely beautiful. The architecture of this castle is known to be outstanding.
  • Chateau de Prangins – It is situated above the lake Geneva is has got the credit of being one of the best National Historical Monument that includes wall clock, cannon and parks. It is now found in Prangins in Switzerland.
  • Grossmunster – This place is also very renowned as Great Minster, which is a renowned medieval church and has an amazing history. Frankish king constructed the first epitome of this monument and it was he who found the sculpts of Felix, Regula and of city’s patrons.
  • National Museum Zurich – This place is very renowned as Landesmuseum Zurich that represents the history and culture of Switzerland in a very beautiful way. This museum is known to be featured with ancient artifacts, gothic costume, superior furniture and a lot more of various periods.
  • The Reformation Monument – This is known to be a tribute to the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland that took place somewhere during the 16th century. In the year 1909, the construction of this monument began and is known to be the best part of history of Switzerland.

The historical places in Switzerland are undoubtedly some of the amazing sites to visit while you are in the country; make sure to take a guide along for better understanding and knowledge. The timings should be inquired before visiting the places.

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