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Switzerland adventure Places – Top 10 best activities to do and see in Switzerland

Switzerland adventure Places

Switzerland is known to be a best place for you to experience various adventures. The food, art and various outdoor adventures of this place are known to be the best here and that is the main reason, it is known to be one of the wonderful tourist attractions. There are various activities you can do here so that the best time of your life can be spent in various amazing tourist destinations.

  • Go on a Hike – Switzerland is known to be a great place for hikers. You can find many miles of well-marked trails that will prove to be very helpful for your journey. During the hike, you can spot various amazing native animals of this place that include marmot, ibex and a lot more.
  • Learn any language – This is one educational thing you can do here. In this multi-linguistic country you will get the opportunity of meeting various people like French, Italians, German, English and such other languages. It would be very beneficial for you if you could learn any of such languages.
  • Enjoy a Local Festival – The local traditions of this place are the best and are something that you should experience. The local festivals conducted here include many fun things like alphorn performances, Swiss folk music and delicious wine tastings as well.
  • Retreat to a Charming Village – If you want to come out of the city and experience wonderful adventure in the small towns of this place, then Chateau d’Oex would be the best choice for you. This is a very peaceful resort that in located in the Lake Geneva region. Wengen and Murren are the 2 other villages that is the best for people who want to experience a variety of outdoor adventures.
  • Know the Cows and gorge on cheese – This place is very famous for cows. You can find production of cheese here and also the sounds of cowbells if you visit countryside. You can visit any dairy farm here, which are found in plenty or can also join the seasonal demos in Gruyeres or Appenzell, when the cows are led to graze. Buy the best cheese from this place and get a delicious snack for yourself. Different types of cheese can be thoroughly enjoyed here. Various types of regional dishes of this place are featured with the best cheese and it tastes truly heavenly.
  • Visit the beautiful Lakes – The lakes of this country offer a very beautiful sight. The blue waters of the place are known to be eye-catching. Lake Geneva, Lake Luzern, Lake Lugano and many more lakes are the best here.
  • Enjoy the Contemporary Art – This place is also known to be very famous for the contemporary art. You can find some amazing classical collections. There are many places in Switzerland that displays the best contemporary art. The Art Basel festival, art festival of Art Basel festival etc. are something that should never be missed.
  • Sip Local Wine – The white wine, Merlot, Pinot Noir are some of the best local wines that can be enjoyed by you in this place. You can get to savour various local labels here and these are extremely popular as these are of the best quality.
  • Reach Great Heights – The summits of Switzerland provide you with a splendid view. To reach such heights, you can make use of the funiculars, cable cars and such other instruments. The view from such places are known to be breath-taking.
  • Indulge in Chocolate – The renowned Swiss chocolate is something that is extremely famous throughout the world. This is the place where milk chocolate was first manufactured and preparing different types of chocolates are known to be a famous art here. It is also a wonderful business that adds to the economy of this country.

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