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Switzerland Shopping Destinations – Best 10 Places for Shopping in Switzerland


Located on the lap of the beautiful Alps and Swiss Plateau, the plateau region is densely populated. The major cities of this country include Bern (the Swiss capital), Geneva, Zurich and Basel. A vacation is incomplete without shopping and the Swiss cities offer some very exciting shopping destinations for the shopaholics. You get fantastic clothes, fashion accessories, gift items, brand products, regular goods, craft works, chocolate products and so on in Switzerland shopping zones. Here the top 10 shopping places which are also major tourist destinations.

  • Bon Genie: Having about 20 lifestyle stores, this shopping mall has seven floors with different stores for designer clothes and accessories. Considered as the biggest home to international fashion, you will never return disappointed from here. There are restaurants and bars to make your shopping a memorable experience.
  • Septieme Etage: Located in Geneva, this store was opened by a New York based fashion journalist. With designer labels from New York and Los Angeles, this boutique store will always makes you feel good and happy. From those jeans with the perfect fit to designer gowns and accessories to match your style, they have it all.
  • Fashion & Accessories: There are world famous brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Escada, Armani, Leonardo, Hugo Boss and many more, this shopping destination has almost all designer brands. The perfect place to check out the latest trends and accessorise them as well. You even get watches and jewelleries here.
  •  Manor: This huge departmental store has everything you can think of. Starting from groceries to clothes to Swiss chocolate and souvenirs to take back home. Make sure of checking out their wide varieties of watches.
  • Bahnhofstrasse: Located in Zurich, this is one of most popular shopping areas and tourist destination. There are luxury stores, designer boutiques, watch and jewellery shops and few departmental stores. There are little cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in between your shopping. Make sure of visiting all the streets which have hidden gems.
  • Niederdorf:  This shopping area is famous for its nightlife and dining. The shops are known for street fashion, fancy shoes and some designer shops.
  • Old Town: There are international brands, luxury shops, designer boutiques and plenty of souvenir and cutlery shops along with a huge toy shop in this shopping area located in between Bahnhofstrasse and Limmat River in Zurich.
  • Globe Departmental Store: This Bern based shopping street offers tax-free shopping. There are attractive watch stores, jewellery stores, fashion brands, wine stores, spas and many more.
  • Craft Market: This place offers exclusive hand-made craft items and are open from March until December at the foot of the Bern Cathedral. This is the best place to buy any kinds of souvenirs to take back home as they are hand-made and gorgeous.
  • Loeb: The most famous departmental store in Bern, this shopping mall has eight floors with international brands and unique gem stores. There are also shops that sell regional specialities and host a number of exhibitions and events all around the year and have turned into a major tourist attraction.

Swiss chocolates and Swiss cheese are world famous and are sold at many places all through the country. Make sure you try them out when in town. The country has too much to offer to its tourists at affordable rates, all you need to know is the right place and right time. Apart from brand products, you can of course go for random bargaining to get the desired thing within your budget in the shopping districts of Switzerland.

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