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Most stunning castle hotels

stunning castle hotels

Castle hotels put you in a time machine into the past where the ambiance around you inspires a regal feeling with attendants jumping to attention at your command. The stone battlements and the imposing porticos and the armed sentry at the gateway ever ready to give you a salute would instill in you a feeling that you are the king without actually being one. The century’s old magic would overwhelm you and give you a feel that you are the Monarch.

To savor this regal ambiance, you need to locate the right places a few of which is illustrated hereunder:

1) Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland:


This castle with the adjoining estate is spread over 350 acres of impressive landscape. Standing majestically in a back drop of tall dense woods and neatly manicured gardens the Ashford castle dates back to 1228. This stone castle features 83 rooms, and the chattels belonged to the Guinness’ family and runs along the shores of Lough. This heritage Irish royalty has been renovated into a lavish hotel back in 1939.Since then tourists from different social backgrounds have been pouring in. They not only relished fine dining and warm hospitality, but also enjoyed fun rides, shooting and archery. A vigorous round of golf is a sweet surprise for the guests.

2) Pentillie Castle, Cornwall, England:

Image Source : Pentillie.Co.Uk

This castle was built way back in 1698 by James Tillie and a piece of story goes with it that having married the widow of his employer Tillie had landed in a dispute. Despite this tarnish on his image Tillie managed to win back his knighthood from King James II. Close to Plymouth, this Castle stands on a stunning location on the banks of river Tamar flowing by. A verdant yellow garden surrounds blooming with azalea, camellia and rhododendrons. A part of the castle turned hotels estate is set aside for game and fowl hunting. The hotel features nine double rooms making it a favorite haunt for castle loving tourists, romantic couples, the aged and those arranging for a wedding reception.

3) Castle of four towers:

Located in Siena, Italy, this castle gives you access to an unrestricted view of the Seine from its location on the hills. This is a daunting brick red castle just over eight hundred years old that served as a dwelling place in 14th century amid picturesque locale. Later in the 15th century, it was used as a tactical citadel to keep a watch on the aggressing assaulters affected by civil unrest. Now, this fortress has once again been converted for dwelling purpose, in fact, a classy hotel having rooms and suites as well. The garden and olive groves and the exquisite vineyards are spacious enough for guests to take an evening promenade. The sun bathed Tuscany is within reach by a car from this castle- turned- hotel.

4) Chateau Kracna Lipa, North Bohemia, Czech Republic:

This fantastic bastion is equipped with battlements and Juliet terraces featuring decent rooms with 14 foot high ceilings complete with antique decorative pieces and artistically hand fashioned furniture and paintings done in rococo oil. Set amid luxuriant greenery, this exotic locale calls tourist both young and the aged to explore the complex rocks and the pristine lakes and rivers close by. It is an angler’s dream destination too. The castle features eight luxury suites with classified baths among other amenities. Private tour guides and interpreters can be hired.

5) Hotel Parador De Carmona, Andalucia:

Spain has a rich collection of thousands of castle- turned- hotels with a touch of Moroccan architecture. The 14th century Parador De Carmona is not very far from Seville. The hotel features elegant Moorish patio, catacombs and pillars displaying antique Spanish decorative bringing a flash back of the past. Senior tourists get a 30% discount of hotel rent.

6) Hotel Schloss Sommersdorf:

Image Source : CastleAndPalaceHotels

Located in Bavaria, this castle is over eight hundred years old and has survived the ravages of war. The main facade, a moat and bricked turret do not exhibit any sign of erosion. Visitors have access to 3 apartments or two rooms or may opt for more chic accommodation in a freshly remodeled Bohemian house. There is a fleet of exclusive vintage cars to take you around.

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