Spain Travel Tips to Visit – Top 10 Travel Tips in Spain for an ideal and safe journey

Spain Travel

Spain is one such city that has many things to explore and it is very essential that you have handy tips for travelling here. Below mentioned are the top 10 travel tips that will prove very beneficial before and during the course of your travel in Spain.

  • Best time to visit Spain – The Spain’s best weather emerges from April to October.  It is a summer season where the temperatures exceeds to 90 degrees but it is better than cold weather because the winter season in Spain is bitterly cold and dangerous that is in December to January. The Spain’s main festival that is Christmas take place from February to August, the main events running of the bull takes place in July and the outdoor activities takes place in June or September. So the best time to visit Spain is April to October.
  • The must visit places in Spain – El Chorro is a main climbing centre in Spain and it is famous for its beautiful views, a limestone gorge through which passes a Guadalhorce river, lakes and mountains. Ronda is a town in Andalusia and it is especially famous for its 100m height bridge. Bardenas Reales is a natural park in northern Spain and the climate of this park is dry and windy. It is a semi-desert badlands. Granada is a capital province of Andalusia, Spain. It is famous for its heritage and countless monuments. Las Medulas, where you can find the remaining gold mine of Roman Empire. Gaztelugatxe is one of the most unique place in Spain, is a little island in the Bay of Biscay.
  • The best dishes from Local Cuisine – The best dishes in Spanish Cuisine is – Cararian wrinkly potatoes is a dish of boiled and salted small potatoes, served with pepper sauce, mojo. Pa amb tomaquet is bread with tomato. Zarangollo is scrambled eggs with Zucchini, onion and potatoes are served in tapas bar. Arroz la cubana consist of rice, fried egg and tomato sauce. Cuchifritos are a fried lamb or a goat meat with olive oil, garlic, vinegar, basil, bay leaves and spearmint. Pescaito frito is a fried fish. Empanada is a pastry. Cocido is a stew made from different meats and vegetables. Alfajor is a Christmas pastry. Frangollo is a dessert made from milk, millet, eggs, lemon, sugar, butter, raisins, almonds and cinnamon. Kalimotxo is a drink that consists of red wine and cola based soft drink.
  • Type of clothes to be carried – Summer season is called as hot season so people will wear lighter clothes, short sleeves, skirts, shorts and light weight fabric pants. In rainy season people wear long sleeves, long pants, jeans indoor, jackets or a sweater. In winter season people will wear heavier coats or jackets, warm pants and shirts and sweaters or sweat shirts. So considering the time you travel, make sure to carry the right clothes.
  • Language – Spanish is the official language of Spain. Catalan is official in Northeastern Spain and Baleraic Island. Euskera is spoken in Northern Spain, Galician in Northwest,Valencian in east. The historical languages such as Tartessian, Iberian, Celtic, Celtiberian, Gallaecian, Lusitanian, Punic, Latin, Guanche, Galician-Portuguese, Gothic, Andalusi Arabic, Classical Arabic, Mozarabic and Romani. There
  • Types of VISA required and other legal documents – There are four types of VISA. Transit VISA – there are two types: one is given to individuals or a group of foreigners through Spanish Airports without entering Spanish Territory. Another one is that allows foreigners to pass through Spanish Territory for 5 days. Temporary Stay VISA: There are 2 types – Short Duration visa issued for foreigners who wish to stay in Spain for a period of 3 months within 6 months time period. Group visas for short stays for 30 days. Visas to study in Spain. Multiple stay visas issued for multiple stays adding up to 90 days within six months during one year. Residence VISA is initially granted for 1 year and can be renewed for an additional 2-year period. You can also apply for permanent residency visa which can be renewed after 5 years. Student VISA – This type of visa allows to study or to do research for period of 3 months. There is also a work permit visa. There are various legal procedures required for visa such as the application has to be submitted in personal, the documents should be in English, French and Spanish, the period of passport should exceed by three months, if the applicant is under age the parents authorization is required, two photograph with white background, copy of insurance policy, proof of accommodation, police record certificate, health certificate, employers letter, birth certificate, bank statements for 3 months. For tourism visa the legal documents such as 2 application forms duly filled and signed, 2 recent passport size photo with white background, passport plus photocopy of whole passport, print out of air ticket, medical travel insurance, three months bank statement, proof of accommodation, police record certificate. In student visa the student must submit letter of school, parent’s letter duly signed.
  • The prime airports / rail + water link (how to reach) – An internal flight is the quickest way to travel in Spain.  Flights from and to many cities in Europe, cheap flights, Alicante is very well connected by plane. The Alicante airport is located 11 km from Alicante by the N-332 road. There are domestic and international flights connect Alicante to the main European and Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, etc). Both regular and charter flights available. Alicante has three train stations: Renfe station is the main train station in Alicante, for national and international connections. Travelling to Spain by Ship will take 24 hours.
  • Internal transport – The cab in Spain are safe to travel and easy to find the major cities. If you have to go to the small cities you can easily find cabs by dialing the cab centers when you need it. The taxi charges in Spain are affordable when compared to Western European city. Travelling by bus is the easiest and a popular way to go around the Spain. The major coach route includes such as Madrid-Seville, Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Valencia. Even though the rails are expensive it is considered as a convenient to go to the city of Spain. In Spain we can find high-speed rail. Major internal rail routes are Madrid-Seville, Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Valencia, in these cities the train is also available in overnight. Another high speed rail route such as Barcelona – Girona – Figueras, with a 53 minutes of travel.
  • The most popular chain of hotels – The most popular luxury hotels are – Landa Palace is best hotel in Spain, owned by landa family in Madrid. Hotel Melila situated at Cadiz city near Alantic coast. Hotel Real is a lovely building with elegant salons situated at Santander. Hotel Gran Melia situated in Madrid. The most popular Budget hotel is – Hotel Laumon in Barcelona, Axor Barajas Hotel in Madrid, Hotel Terraza Amadores in Gran Canaria, Hostal Mesones in Granada, Hotel Solymar in Malaga.

Souvenirs to be taken home from Spain – The best souvenirs  to be taken to home from Spain are – Leather coats and jackets, Women’s Leather bags, Gloves, Shoes, Hand held fans, Saffron, Paella pans, Lladro, Rabitos, Gold Jewelry, Olive oil, A Flamenco CD, Jamon, Bullfighting poster, Bota bag, Tapas recipe book and many more.

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