How solo travelling makes a woman live to the fullest

How solo travelling makes a woman live to the fullest

Should a woman travel solo? Definitely, every woman should do it at least once in her life. May be it will not turn out to be like Liz Gilbert’s journey in Eat, Pray, Love or like Frances’s story in Under the Tuscan Sun, but sure as hell it will be fun. Embark on a journey to find yourself and become more confident, learn new skills and challenge yourself or to escape your depression.

Being on your own at least for a while will be so empowering to you that you will become “a total badass”. The independence you gain while on a trip by yourself, you wouldn’t probably gain anywhere else. You are in Italy and you don’t speak Italian? What now? You have to take things in your own hands and figure out where to go next, what to see and stuff. You need to ask for directions when you get lost in the maze of streets in Rome; you have to look after you and this will gain you the independence you have been looking for all your life.

Live without a compromise. Travelling solo you can do what you want and be who you want, there is no one to worry about or conform with. Want to stay in bed the whole day? No problem – the time is yours, the vacation is yours, you can do exactly what you want. You will never get tired from that friend who wants to go shopping instead of museum wandering. You are in charge of your time and you alone decide what to do. Give yourself the chance to live as you like and as a bonus – see how much confidence you will gain.

Again going to Liz Gilbert and Frances, the two heroines from two of the most interesting “woman solo travel” movies, travelling alone will help you get over that last relationship or whatever life-changing event it might be. The “alone time” you get, will turn out to be the first step of your soothing. You can immerse yourself in your thoughts by the swimming pool in the sun or get a little wild in the local bar. Strike up a conversation with the locals or other travelers like you, pour your heart out – you will probably never see those people again (or it can turn out differently) but opening up to someone you do not know can be much easier and it will definitely help you feel better.

Another reason, may be not so deep, is that travelling alone saves you money. Walk or rent a bike instead of taxis and cars, this way you will also sink into the town’s heart better, savor the culture of the locals. Walk along the city’s streets instead of taking the subway, you will find the best hidden hot spots in town finding either some beautiful hidden church or nice, quiet bistro where you will have the meal of your life. Of course, don’t be too thrifty because being in an unknown place can also get you into trouble.

To finish off, it may turn out to be you find love as in the previous mentioned movies. Men approach women when they are alone and what better place to find love in Italy, for example. Be open-minded to the different people around you, you may find love. Getting to know the people from different countries may change your view in love or men. Travelling can be life-changing as your points of view change as you experience new things, so what better way to find love. Be more open to the people around you and Cupid may actually struck you with his poisonous arrow.

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