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Driving laws that will make you go bonkers

Driving laws that will make you go bonkers

We all know that driving on the right side of the road or converting the speed limit from miles to kilometres per hour is challenging enough. But in some places, you have a whole host of weird traffic laws to contend with, too. Here are some of the laws that could really drive you mad!

Don’t eat while driving (Cyprus)

In Cyprus, eating or drinking (even water) while driving is illegal. That’s right, grabbing a quick snack at a drive through and chowing down while driving with your knees will cost you an €85 ($130) fine. Don’t even think about taking a sip of that soft drink! So try to satisfy your hunger and thirst before get in the car!

Don’t shake your fist at other drivers (again Cyprus)

And your first thought is – WTF? This is so required for our mental health. Well, obviously the people in Cyprus do not think as we do. Raising, shaking or flipping off your fist can get you in a lot of trouble and you can face some fines.

Keep your car clean (Russia)

You’d better keep your car looking shiny and clean if you’re in Russia, as driving a dirty car can get you fined up to 2000 roubles (about $62 or €46). That is actually not that bad idea, this way even the streets will be cleaner.

Don’t run out of fuel on the Autobahn (Germany)

Be sure to have your tank filled up to the top because while on the Autobahn it is illegal to stop unnecessarily (yeah, running out of fuel falls under that category). So before embarking on your trip which requires your “presence” on the world-famous Autobahn, fill up you gas tank.

Use your headlights 24 hours a day (Sweden)

Sweden has a law that requires you to keep your light on 24 hours a day. Oh, yes, even in July. But don’t let that surprise you, there are certain parts of the country where the sun never sets. So don’t honk at the motorists with headlights which are on, but check if yours are too.

Have a beer while driving (Costa Rica)

Which other country allows drinking while driving? You might think “This is madness”, well apparently in Costa Rica it is not. You can drink your alcoholic beverage and navigate the roads. Just be sure to do not get drunk as with a blood-alcohol level more than 0.75 per cent you are definitely going to jail.

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