Other items for a travel medicine kit

There are lots of other items that may be included in the travel medical kit. You should take note of the fact that the list may vary in accordance to the destination and the kind of activities you intend to indulge in during the course of your travel. Some emergency tablets like paracetamol or aspirin, which are well known analgesics (pain relievers), would be helpful to bring along on the trip. You should also include antihistamine tablets that are useful for treating allergies, bites and stings. Cold and flu tablets and throat lozenges must be included in the medical kit. If you have a tendency to motion sickness, you should carry anti motion-sickness tablets.

Some of the destinations are known to provide diets that may lack vital nutrients. In such cases you must carry vitamins and mineral supplement tablets. But it is necessary to consult doctors before taking these tablets. It is particularly important for the patients undergoing medical tourism to take only the vitamin and mineral tablets that are prescribed by their doctor. Do not forget to make antiseptic ointment and antiseptic solutions a part of the medical kit. Crepe bandage, Opsite and steristrips which can be used as instant stitches are very helpful in case of a wound. Safety pins, scissors, insect repellents creams, diarrhoea medicines such as Imodium, fluid and electrolyte replacement tablets or powders like gastrolyte, eye lubricant drops and ear plugs, condoms or other contraceptives, sterile needles and syringes, water purifying tablets and mosquito bed nets  are other vital additions.

Bear in mind that you should not change the containers of the medicines and check that the medicines carry clear labels. It is mandatory that the names of the medicines must be mentioned in a prescription from a doctor. The prescription must contain the generic name of the medicines because the trade names may cause doubt in foreign lands.

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