Eerieness is a Myth About Purani Haveli…This Place is Actually a ‘WOW’!

The sixth Nizam, Mahboob Ali Pasha resided at Purani Haveli. Purani Haveli is a complex, one among the conventional structures built during the nineteenth century. The eastern wing of the building flaunts Massarat Mahal, where the Nizam lived a lavish life, as can be observed. The Mahal houses a wooden wardrobe, a giant 73-square-meter room having two closets and an elevator. The two closets are of two levels, and the mechanical elevator is used to reach the top level of the closets.

The Nizam’s Museum is located at Purani Haveli, in the bosom of the city. The museum is just 2kms away from the historical structure, Charminar. The second Nizam of Hyderabad acquired a palace around 1750 and made it into a museum with a breathtaking collection of artifacts. The museum has a beautiful display of gifts and souvenirs of the silver jubilee celebrations. Also exhibited are those expensive vintages which include a Rolls Royce of 1930, Mark V Jaguar and Packyard. Also show cased are a gold-furnished throne used during the celebrations; a gold tiffin box, with diamond inlaid it; coffee cups made of silver and studded with diamonds. Gold and silver models of various buildings and the silver Jubilee pavilion are also on the display.

Be there…the place is open on all days except Fridays, 10 AM through 5 PM.

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