Offbeat monsoon destinations in India you would love to visit 

If you opt to stay indoors during monsoon fearing the heavy showers, you may be missing lots of fun. Monsoon is not the season to sulk but a season to soak; to soak in showers of joy and pleasure. Traveling in monsoon is one of the sure shot ways to derive the best of the season. If you can pick one or two less-treaded destinations, your pleasure would be boundless.Some non-monsoon destinations in India are far more appealing than they are during the drier seasons. These destinations are generally heavily forested and bloom to the helm of their beauty fed by the heavy showers with the lush greenery spread all around evoking a picturesque charm.

Here we go with some of the offbeat monsoon destinations which the tourists find irresistible:

Mawlynnog, Meghalaya:

This monsoon destination is often referred as the gem of the North East. It is supposed to be the tidiest rural settlement perched on the lush green forestry in the state of Meghalaya. Enjoy long strolls along the moss covered walkways decked up in water proof and feel the sting of cold needles of rain drops against your face.

You will enjoy the dark grey clouds gathering overhead and the thunderous boom of the monsoon sky accompanied with streaks of lightning flashing across a dark sky. The whole ambience evokes an enigmatic feel with monsoon unraveling its uncommon beauty.

Tinsukia, Assam:

This is another amazing monsoon destination of the north east and a cultural hub of Assam. Although commercialization has crept in, Tinsukia still retains its unmatched beauty, especially during the rainy months. The legendary Assam tea plantations blossom to their best when the patter of rain drops fall over them making the gardens look like long sheets of green velvety carpets.

The continuous gathering of dark clouds followed by heavy downpours over the lush greenery all around creates an awesome beauty. You can take a trip to Dibru Saikhowa national park not very far and get entertained by a variety of migratory birds.

Panshet, Maharashtra:

If you feel bored sitting idle when the monsoon showers clatter on your terrace, don’t wait a moment but rush to Panshet in Maharashtra.  This is the place you ought to be in during the monsoon instead of brooding in your nest. It is a short distance away from Pune just about 40 kilometers and a perfect destination for enjoying unbroken spells of heavy downpour.

The backwaters of the Varasgaon Dam evoke pure magic and the unspoiled nature surrounding all around conjure up an enchanting spirit. The twitter of birds in the early monsoon morning would wake you up and you can simply enjoy a wet nature sitting in your hotel balcony sipping coffee or tea whatever suits you best. Monsoon brings out the best in Panshet.

Bishnupur, West Bengal:

This is an old Bengal town famous for its artistry. Terracotta temples and decorative pieces have made this quaint little destination famous. In the heavy monsoon downpour, the terracotta glistens in a fresh shade of brick red that will stir the artist in you.

Digha, West Bengal:

Indian sea shores are no less fascinating in monsoon than the forest greeneries. Digha, a quite little sea side resort rises to the peak of charm during the rainy season. This lesser known destination located very near to the city of Kolkata has a charm unique of its own.

The dark monsoon clouds gather over the sea, and at the distant horizon, the sea mingles with the sky making the line of separation hazy and mystical. The beach is lined with a rocky pathway ideal for a morning stroll. During monsoon, the sea swells precariously challenging the adventurous spirit inside you to try out the daring effort to swim in the choppy waters.

Bandipur, Karnataka:

Bandipur is at its dramatic best as the monsoon showers spread across the area. It is a wildlife sanctuary having no near comparisons. Set on the slopes of the wild and rugged Nilgiris, this enchanting monsoon destination has an irresistible charm.

The flora and fauna abounding this region get a fresh infusion of life with the arrival of rains. The wet jungle floor gives off a wild flavor highly intoxicating. The forest is a home to tigers, elephants, gaurs, sambhars, poisonous snakes, wild boars and a myriad bird species.

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand:


This gorgeous hill station located in the Uttarakhand Himalayas sees tourist visits all round the year. However, the valley blooms at its epic best when the heavy showers drench the tall pine forests and the rolling waters run along the sloppy lush green pastures.

The mountains and the valleys turn greener fed by incessant downpour compared to the drier seasons. The vast green meadows, the unspoiled setting and friendly locals make you feel it is the ultimate monsoon destination for a tranquil vacation. The valley of flowers is nearby is a bonus attraction.

Chail, Himachal Pradesh:

This beautiful destination set against the lofty mountains was once the capital of the kingdom of Patiala. It is a great hill station in the truest sense tucked away from the din and bustle of Shimla which is comparatively noisy.

Chail is pristine and quiet and a perfectly alluring monsoon respite ideal for relaxing in the foothills. You will be simply mesmerized to see the dark mystical monsoon clouds glide by the mountains and valleys around you aimlessly.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh:

This is one of the least known tourist destinations located in the lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. The long spell of monsoon rains endows it with a whole new undertone of surrealistic beauty. You have the Pine Hills close by where you can go for a monsoon trek.

A long walk across the sprawling rice fields would be a wonderful experience indeed with the monsoon sky rumbling overhead. The rains pour in regular rhythm but they are not heavy enough to put your travel itinerary in soup. Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary is close by worth giving a try.

Binsar, Uttarakhand:

It is simply gorgeous in monsoon. The clouds fly low gliding through the valley touching the mountain tops spreading a shroud of mist. The whispering pine forests line along the rain drenched pathways covered with a foggy haze. The ambience is all set for a thrilling monsoon trek, and there are numerous mountain passes for you to explore.

It will give you a feeling as if you are having a breezy cruise through the sheet of clouds. There is a zero point close by from where you can get a splendid vista of the mighty Himalayas. During monsoon, Binsar is the perfect getaway for nature walks, wild camps and trekking amid mild drizzle.



With the dominance of exquisitely carved temples, the background is a carpet of sprawling green lawns gets a renewed life from the continuous drizzle. It is absolutely stunning and you would feel like not leaving this fascinating destination.

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