Most Unusual and Interesting Elevators in the World

Elevator is one of the most common objects that we need to use in our everyday life. However, do you know that there are certain unusual and interesting elevators around the world, which can help you enjoy the most exciting rides of your life? Find below seven of such highly developed elevators:


Long Island City Business Center

The elevator present in the Long Island City Business Center should top the list of most extraordinary and fascinating elevators in the world. Situated in Queens in the city of New York, this exclusive Business Center boasts of having a highly structured and professional front elevation. The major attraction of the stunning entrance is its awesome inside view. As the apparently simple and unembellished doors of the elevator open, the internal psychedelic view becomes visible to everyone. The irreplaceable interior featuring a huge warped grinning dragon, the outrageous three-dimensional monsters coming out from the eye sockets of the animal, and the tiny fish-eye mirror on the back wall is enough to make your ‘journey’ from the ground floor to the sixth floor a memorable one.

Bailong Elevator

Have you ever visited the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, located in the Hunan province in the People’s Republic of China? Well, if you really think that extraordinary elevators are only meant for highly advanced cities, the Bailong Elevator of this Forest Park would completely change your idea. You will simply be left amazed by the wonderfully built glass elevator, which can go as high as 1070 ft. After riding the vertical cliff, visitors reach a picturesque region right over a green-swathed gorge. The trip to the National Forest Park becomes a memorable one for them as they get to see some of the most beautiful lakes, sandstone pillars, and other discrete objects.



Though this elevator is placed in the porch of the well-known Radison Blu Hotel of Berlin, it can take guests to certain extremely rare sites. It moves through a large and void cylindrical space, which is as long as 82 ft. in length. This cylinder is basically a well-equipped aquarium and visitors can enjoy the refreshing view of the tropical marine life while riding the elevetor. Being the biggest cylindrical aquarium in the world, it is capable of holding around 1 million lt. water containing a wide range of  colorful and interesting sea creatures. So, if you want to explore the ‘underwater wonderland’ during your visit to Germany, a stay at the Radison Blu would be a great choice for you.

The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is an elevator intended for boats. Surprised? Well, it is absolutely true. If you visit the city of Falkirk in Scotland, you can enjoy a ride on this extraordinary lift. Since the year 2002, the Falkirk Wheel has been connecting a couple of canals in the city and making the city life even smoother through it. According to the report, the links between these canals got damaged almost 70 years ago. As a result, it became difficult for the local people to move across the city. With the help of this wheel, local folks as well as tourists can easily pass through both canals  just within 50 minutes. It takes only two rides (including one up and one down) to finish the trip and enjoy the beauty of 2-mile long stretch of the city.

The Gateway Arch

Each year, a lot of tourists come to St. louis in Missouri in order to visit this 630-ft long majestic structure. But being the tallest shrine of America is not the only significance of the Gateway Arch. The advanced and diversified elevator of the building has also earned a lot of fame. It is a revolutionary elevator, which boasts of having a contemporary design and employing some of the most cutting-edge technologies. Visitors can reach the observation platform of the monument in as little time as four minutes, which is the shortest time span till now. The design of the Gateway Arch elevator was developed by the famous Finnish architect Eero Saarine.

Sky Tower

This skyscraper is situated in the ‘City of Sails’ Auckland in New Zealand. It allows visitor to reach the observation deck of the structure by its highly developed elevator. However, the best thing about this lift is that it can take tourists to the 610-ft. high viewing platform in 40 seconds! Yes, magical but true. You can enjoy how the picturesque cityscape of Auckland gets unfolded in fron of you through the glass wall of the elevator.


Hammetschwand Lift

This sophisticated lift is a part of the Bürgenstock Resort, located in the Lake Lucerne of Switzerland. Since its inauguration in the year 1905, the Hammetschwand Lift has been offering excellent elevated views of the grand Alps and glittering Lucerne. There is no other open-air elevator in Europe, which is as high as the Hammetschwand (499 ft. long). It can go around 10 ft. / second, and it takes only 48 seconds to finish the entire ride.

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