A memorable time to spend in 10 best California Beaches

Be it any time of the year, beaches provide the fun and excitement that a person looks forward to during holidays or vacations. There are a variety of beaches over the world among which you can choose the one of your likability. California provides you a wide range on beaches where you can have all the fun and enjoyment you have wanted to have. Water sport is one of the biggest attractions that these beaches offer. From sunbathing to water activities, Californian beaches are suited for all the visitors with variable economy.

  1. Coronado Beach: This is located in San Diego. You can perform surfing, swimming, kite flying, sailing, or maybe you could just laze around and do nothing at all. The scenery is very much breath taking.

  2. Cowell’s Beach: This beach is in Santa Cruz. This beach has more than 15 volley ball courts and this surely means a lot of athletic action takes place here. If you want to learn surfing, this is the ideal spot as the waves here are quite small and the locals are friendly and much territorial.

  3. Sonoma Coast: The beaches in the coast of Sonoma looks like it just came out of a magazine. Among the numerous attractions available, surfing ranks the first because of the wave that surfers love to challenge. Each year around 300 bird species are attracted by this area and some of them are considered indigenous to this area.

  4. Venice Beach: This beach is known to have a very entertaining and lively boardwalk scene. This is a part of the popularity enjoyed by the Venice Beach. On this beach, one can find outside bodybuilders, artists, roller skaters, and belly dancers present on the beach or near it entertaining the people there.

  5. El Matador Beach: Located in Los Angeles, near the 32215 Pacific Coast Highway. It is the celebrity beach of Malibu. It is also known as the Hollywood Beach as Malibu is home to many famous actors and singers. It is a favourite photo shoot destination. Tide pools in this beach are loved and enjoyed by the kids.

  6. Asilomar Beach: It is located in the Pacific Grove. There are frequent fogs in the beach but still it is a popular destination for tide pooling, wedding ceremonies and long walks accompanied with wind. Dogs can be found in large numbers, having their walks. The beauty is obviously beautiful and grand in nature.

  7. Manchester State Beach: This beach is located in the Point Arena. The entrance of the beach is half a mile north of Manchester near Highway 1. This is a postcard perfect beach that is filled with friendly locals. This beach is never over-crowded and the view is breathtakingly beautiful. The beach is filled with sand dunes

  8. Imperial Beach: This beach is located in San Diego and is extremely vibrant in nature. It is full of fun and life! This beach hosts one of America’s largest and longest running competition of sand artistry. This competition is very lively and is a long time event.

  9. Baker Beach: This beach is located in San Francisco. It is a very family oriented beach and fishermen can also be found here. This is used as a popular spot for daytime activities. The beach closes before sunset.

  10. Zuma Beach: The clean water and white sand is a major attraction. It contains restrooms on the side along with snack bars. It is ideal for surfing and lifeguards are always available for help.

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