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Maldives Shopping Places – Top 10 places for shopping in Maldives for the best shopping experience

Maldives Shopping Places

Apart from the amazing beauty of the nature, Maldives is also known for being the greatest shopping hub and that is the main reason, it is considered one of the amazing tourist destinations. You can shop for a variety of cosmetics, jewellery, electronic gadgets, handicraft items, canned fish and a lot more things here. Here you can visit various shopping places, which are also the best tourist attractions. Below mentioned are the top 10 places for shopping in Maldives that would be loved by you.

  •   Majeedhee Magu – This is known to be one of the prime shopping spots of Maldives, where you can shop anything and everything. The main things that can be bought from here include trendy handbags, watches, perfumes, cosmetics and a lot more.
  •   Chaandanee Magu – This is the best shopping place that is well-known for the various souvenir items. The mats woven with the help of local natural fibres and the wooden miniature dhonis that are made by the Maldivians are extremely famous here. The place remains crowded for most of the days in the week.
  •   Souvenior shop on Fiha – On the Fiha island, this is the one and only shop from where you can get hand painted shirt and these are also designed as per your requirement. Various stuffs are actually priced a little high here.
  •   Mobile local bazaar – This is the best shopping place for buying a wonderful range of mobile phones. This place is wonderful as you can be lucky enough to get them at very less rates. The technology upgradation and a wide assortment of electronic goods can be seen in this market.
  •   Agora – This is the best shopping hub in between the city that offers various items ranging from fruits to electronics. Also the household items can be got from here at a very reasonable rate.
  •   Mafushi Island – This is the best place for the vacationers to shop. You can get various local items here, at a very less price and you would have the best time shopping here.
  •   Sun Island Jewellery – Sun Island has a good collection of various shops and one of the best shop here is the jewellery shop. You can shop here for the best necklaces, hand-made rings, bracelets and a lot more. You can also get loose gemstones from this place, by which you can make wonderful jewellery.
  •   Sun Island souvenirs – This shop on Sun Island is the best from where you can get many types of gift items. The best thing about these are that, they are available at a cheap rate as well. Oil paintings, clocks, photo frames, ash trays and a lot more items that are available here are extremely famous.
  •   Amazing stamps at various resort shops – The stamps from Maldives are something that should be treasured as these are extremely beautiful. They print their own stamps and every resort of this place sells beautiful stamps. So, this is something that should never be missed. If you love to collect stamps, this place is a must visit for you.
  •   Kurumba – Kurumba is one of the place that is known to be the best shopping hub. The handmade photo album, wooden keyrings and a lot more things are the best here are something that should be bought from this place.

Maldives shopping is something that goes innate with shopaholics, they know exactly what to buy and where to buy; however try to bargain as much as possible to get the best deal for yourself. Although most of them are sold at very reasonable price.

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