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Maldives Restaurants – Top 10 restaurants in Maldives for the best food

Maldives Restaurants

Maldives is one of the highly recommended tourist destinations, which can be thoroughly enjoyed by you. But during the time of your stay, it is very essential that you check out for the dining options as well. Food and local cuisine should not be missed out when you are visiting a new country; and Maldives serves the best to its travellers when it comes to delicacies. Below mentioned are the top 10 restaurants in Maldives, which are also known to be the best tourist attractions as well.

  • The Lighthouse Restaurant – This is known to be one of the very stylish restaurants in Maldives. It is known to be built over the beach and you can enjoy the delicious food served in this restaurant that provides you with the best view of Indian ocean. You can see the fishes swimming around you as you have food. Also the huge variety of wines served here are the best.
  • Ithaa – This restaurant has got the credit of being the first all-glass undersea restaurant in the entire world and is known to be situated 16 feet below the sea level. Apart from enjoying the marvellous views of underwater, you can have a lovely dining experience. It is also known to be very famous for the biggest wine cellar in the whole of Maldives. It is very necessary that you reserve your seat here, as it will usually be crowded.
  • Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky – The dining experience in this restaurant will surely prove to be great. It is an underwater dining place with beautiful ambience. You can taste the wonderful dishes that have the best recipes and these are prepared using complex cooking techniques as well. The mesmerizing beauty of the marine world can be very well-enjoyed by you when having food in this restaurant.
  • Aioli – This is an attractive restaurant, where you will get to taste the huge variety of cuisines from all over the world. The menu here is awesome and will provide you with great dining experience. The Red Curry Chicken Kebabs and the Moroccan Chicken with Couscous are something that should not be missed here.
  • The Hive Restaurant – This is situated at the top of the Nalahiya Hotel. You can taste various wonderful delicacies here that are prepared with the help of fresh ingredients. The multi-cuisine menu is lovely here and it serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well. Burgers and Biryanis are something that should not be missed here.
  • Koko Grill Restaurant – This is a Japanese restaurant that serves the best nine-course menu. The dining experience is sure to be great in this place and you are sure to love the service and ambience.
  • Mandhoo Spa Restaurant – It is 100 meters away from the sea and the awesome gourmet can be enjoyed here. You will love the service and the dishes are lip-smacking.
  • Sunset Bar and Grill – In this restaurant the fresh seafood can be enjoyed with great pleasure. The meat dishes are also mouth-watering. If you are a great foodie, this is a perfect place for you.
  • Vilu Restaurant – This restaurant is extremely famous for the amazing gourmet cuisine and also for the lovely wine collection.
  • Rangali Bar – In this restaurant, you can enjoy the entire day with light snacks, beers, wines, cocktails and a lot more. Entertainment is also the best in this place and you will love it.

The above mentioned restaurants have specific timings and closure days, please make sure to have a thorough knowledge about them before planning the meal there.

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