How to make your business travel economical and hassle free

business travel economical and hassle free

As small business or startups are entering the global market, entrepreneurs have to travel frequently within or even outside the country to attend business meetings and launch their products or services. Repeated business trips are not just expensive, but they also take a hard toll on the body and mind of business travelers. Apart from being keeping calm and composed, business travelers needs to keep several things in mind to make their trip meaningful and productive.

Despite several apps and gadgets to assist business travelers, they need to make little things count to make their travel productive while being economical. Therefore, it becomes important for them to plan their business trips carefully, so that they can make the most out of them. Here we have some simple tips to make your business travel cheaper and hassle free.

Look for membership plans or cards:

For business travelers who move too frequently to different places for business meetings, different membership plans or cards come handy to reduce their business expenses by a great margin. Membership plans like FoundersCard, Expedia+ business loyalty program, Regus Businessworld Card, and more let them avail various discounts on flight and hotel bookings. These membership plans also let them book semi-private lounges or even personal spaces for their business meetings overseas. Memberships like ClassPass ensure that business travelers get access to fitness studios and wellness centers to ensure good health and wellbeing when away from home.

Cloud can be your best friend:

Since business travelers need to carry a lot of business files and data for presentations and meetings, signing up for cloud documents and email can be handy during their business trips. With cloud, business owners or representatives can access their emails, graphics, photos, and other documents anywhere without wasting any time. The best part of cloud is that you do not need any thumb drives or syncing devices, as you can access everything in one place.

Use alternative modes of transportation:

Rather than using conventional modes of transportation like cabs and rental cars, you can use ultra modern services like Uber and Taxi For Sure in different areas. These services are not just reliable and convenient, but also can help you save a lot of money and time. All you need to do is download their app and request a pickup or drop using your mobile phone.

Plan your meals properly:

Food or meals consume a big part of the total budget of your business travel and thus, you need to plan your meals properly to eat healthy and hygienic. Since dinner is much expensive than lunch at most restaurants, make sure to have a heavy lunch late in the noon to skip the expensive evening meal. You can have some light snack or local fruits in the evening to make up for the dinner. Instead of hitting the expensive restaurants for your every meal, you can always keep your options open for grocery store food, which is not just inexpensive but healthy and hygienic as well.

Mail all key documents to yourself:

Since you are leaving to a new city, or country for that matter, you never know how things will unfold during your business travel in an altogether alien setup. Therefore, must email all your important documents, including full itinerary, copy of your passport, identification and contact numbers, to yourself in advance. In case, you mobile phone or passport get lost or stolen, you will at least have a copy of your documents in your email to provide evidence and seek immediate help.

Business travel usually gets expensive and hectic for entrepreneurs and employees. Therefore, little planning and preparation can them avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses during the business trips to an alien place.

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