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With different economies or businesses relying on each other and the world turning into a global village, business owners need to travel from one state to another or even overseas on a regular basic to attend business meetings and grow their trade. Frequent business travelers have to face several travel nuisances.

If you have an established business and budget is not an issue, you can tweak or bend your travel plans according to your rescheduled meetings. However, if you are running a small business, you have to be on your toes to make your business travel fruitful and that too without exceeding the budget and compromising the health and pleasure.

This is where the membership plans or cards come to the picture. These plans help small business owners arrange or organize their business travel without exceeding the allotted budget. Here we have listed some of the best membership plans for small business travelers, so that they can make the most of their business travel.


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For small business owners looking to travel in business class and enjoy celebrity treatment, FoundersCard can be the right option, as it helps users keep a check on their travel budget without compromising the luxuries. Ranked among one of the leading membership programs, the FoundersCard has a number of partners in the travel industry, allowing its members to enjoy various discounts and upgrades.

Apart from travel benefits, the membership program also offers discounts on phone bills, shipping, clothing, and so on to its members. Moreover, young entrepreneurs with FoundersCard get an opportunity to attend exclusive networking events held in different parts of the country and meet distinguished entrepreneurs. Business travelers can get the annual membership of FoundersCard for just $795.

Expedia+ Business

Presented by one of the leading, full service travel companies,, the Expedia+ business is an exclusive loyalty program that allows small businesses based in the US save on their business travel. Offering a dedicated travel site to small businesses, Expedia+ business keeps a close eye on itineraries and expenditure of employee to manage or allocate rewards.

The loyalty plan also enrolls employees in reward programs like the +silver tier according to their travel expenditure. With Expedia+ business, businesses receive a $100 hotel coupon for every 10 overnight hotel bookings through the Expedia app. Companies can use this hotel coupon either immediately or save it for the future travels according to their needs or likings.

Regus Businessworld Card

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Small business owners look to make the most of their travel and prepare themselves for their business meetings. Even though it may look unorganized or unprofessional, they use every minute during their flight, in the car, hotel lobbies and even coffee houses to get ready for their business presentation. However, the Regus Businessworld Card program lets small businesses travelers use any of their 3,000 business lounges to hold business meetings or complete presentation in different parts of the world.

These lounges provide semi-personal space, Wi-Fi and complimentary beverages to business travelers. If they require additional privacy, they can book a personal conference room or office on the spot. To get the Businessworld Gold Memberships, you just need to spend $59 each month.


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Business owners barely get time to follow a fitness regime, as they have to travel frequently for business meetings. However, ClassPass gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to use one of the fitness centers located in major cities across the US. Business travelers can enroll to a fitness program or class, such as yoga session, boot camp or spin class, whenever they get time during their business travel. Even though the cost of ClassPass fitness program varies city to city, they usually charge $79.99 per month from their client.

Small business owners look to cut their travel expenses and save each penny wherever possible. However, business travelers can enjoy various discounts and privileges offered by various companies through membership plans during their business trips.

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