Hottest travel destinations for single women

If women travelers go on a solo vacation, they usually prioritize places on the basis of safety. They also look for lively places where they can get great dining and shopping options. If it is a relaxation trip for them, they are more concerned about the luxury these destinations provide in terms of quiet visiting places, soothing spas and pools, incredible natural locations, etc. But, there obviously are several other personal reasons because of which women prefer certain destinations for solo travel more than others. If you are a single woman traveler who wants to explore the beauty of this world, you definitely need to check out which places are good to go to.

  1. Ireland: If you are a socially busy bee, you would surely love Ireland as it offers excellent hookup options with both men and women for friendships at local pubs. People are quite socially active in Ireland and don’t shy away from starting a conversation with a single woman. If that is something you would not want, Irish landscapes would leave no stones unturned to attract you. For photography lovers, this is a best place to shoot at. You would also love to visit gorgeous Irish castles.


  1. Las Vegas: You would find some lavish and high-security hotels, as well as great fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas. The city is famous as a travel destination among solo travelers, so you would not find yourself being the only one traveling single. There are some of the best live shows and cabarets that keep taking place in Las Vegas. So, attending these events on your own will look to be no exception when you would find several other single people coming to those events. In fact, you may be lucky to find good deals on solo seats at the last minute! If you wish to be a little more social, you may go for a game of poker where like-minded people get excellent company. This destination also offers you a good nightlife.


  1. Tucson, Arizona: Tucson offers nice dining options and excellent spa facilities for people who want to relax. So if your trip is also focused on getting some relaxation from a stressful life, get yourself nice healing therapies at these world-class spas. A few of the famous spas include Miraval and The Spa at the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort. You may then have some enjoyment at the Tucson Museum of Art featuring wonderful exhibits.


  1. Thailand: A perfect place to be visited by single women, Thailand offers some amazing food and shopping options. If you would want to carry some unique souvenirs back with you, there are many such items you would find in Thai markets. There is no dearth of adventurous places too. You may go for a guided trekking to the jungle or go parasailing or scuba diving. Beaches of Thailand are amazing places of fun, adventure and relaxation. You may additionally get amazing specialized spa options at very low costs.
  1. Amsterdam: The capital of Netherlands has much to offer for solo women travelers but the most of it is about the liberty you get at this destination. No matter whatever you wear in a park while sunbathing, there is no harassment to face. Amsterdam gives you its own unique scenic and shopping experience. You may visit great cafes and boutiques. A never-to-miss spot for you as a single woman is Xantippe, which is the women’s bookstore and resource center. It can direct you to a lot of places you may visit in Amsterdam during your trip.


  1. Costa Rica: It is a safe travel spot where people get more than happy to help you if you need any assistance. For those travelers who are on low budget, this is a great destination to visit. A comfortable and clean hotel room in Costa Rica would not cost more than C$60 per night. There are great beaches and natural attractions in Costa Rica and single adventurous women would get a lot of surfing, kayaking, and zip-line canopy and night volcano tour options at this place. The destination offers a lot of recreational facilities for young people.


  1. Iceland: For some breathtaking views of natural scenery, there is no better holidaying option than being in the lap of nature in Iceland. But to visit Iceland, you cannot go for any cost-cutting options as this destination offers everything expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. So, save some more money if you choose to visit this secluded island nation on your trip. From splendid glacier and wildlife views to indulgence at the lava rock healing pools, this country is a great choice for those to whom nature sounds enticing. For great shopping, dining and visitor places, you could stay at Reykjavik, which is the capital of Iceland.

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