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Greek Festivals, Celebrations – Top 10 festivals and celebrations in× Greece for you to have the best time

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Greece is a place where you can find numerous festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. They have a religious base and follow the orthodox calendar. Every festival is known to have its own importance and many people throughout the world visit this place for the purpose of celebrating various festivals. Hence, it is known to be one of the best tourist destinations as well. Below mentioned are the top 10 festivals and various celebrations in Greece, which are known to be the best tourist attractions.

  • The New Year’s day – Just like how this occasion is celebrated throughout the world, it is also known to be celebrated in Greece with immense pomp and splendour. It is the feast of Santa Claus, who is also very well-known in Greece as Agios Vassilis. It is a feast that is celebrated with the church services. The Greek families cut sweet bread on this special occasion, in which a coin will be placed inside. It is said that the finder of such coin will be lucky. It is an auspicious day, when the Christmas gifts are gifted to the children.
  • Feast of the Annunciation – This festival is celebrated on March 25th every year. It is a very auspicious day when Angel Gabriel announced the incarnation of Lord Christ to Mary. This day marks another importance as well as on this special day the Greeks declared the Revolutionary War against Turks. A military parade takes place this day in the Greek towns.
  • The Feast of Saint George – Saint George is also known as Agios Georgios. This is celebrated in remembrance of this great king who killed the Dragon. Each and every part of the country celebrates this festival with extreme pomp and splendour. In Arachova, the celebrations last for almost 3 days.
  • The Day of the Holy Spirit – This festival is celebrated usually during the month of May or June. It is a great feast that is celebrated after 40 to 50 days of Easter celebrations. This day is celebrated marking the occasion when Holy Spirit presented before Apostles and requested them to teach Christianity to the whole wide world. This day is declared as a holiday for the students.
  • The Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – This festival is celebrated on August 5th every year. This festival marks the celebration of Mary’s ascent to the heaven. You can find great pilgrimages that takes place in many parts of Greece like Tinos, Paros, Patmos etc. Virgin Mary is known to be the protector of entire country and many chapels in Greece are dedicated to her.
  • Christmas – As you all know, this festival is celebrated on 25th of December every year. It is known to have great importance as it is the celebration of the birth of Lord Christ. Long back, people in Greece would decorate wooden boats on this special day and they used to honour nautical tradition of this place. But these days, the western tradition is followed and Christmas trees are decorated. On the previous day, Christmas carols are sung by children. They go door to door and sing such songs.
  • The Greek Independence DayThis special day is celebrated in March 25th every year. The military parade takes place all over the country and this great day is celebrated when the Revolutionary war against Turks was won in the year 1821.
  • Labour Day – This special occasion is celebrated on May 1st and is very famously known as Protomagia. On this special day, people usually go on a picnic. Also large demonstrations are organised by left political parties.
  • National Anniversary – This day is celebrated on 28th of October and numerous military parades take place on this special day. It is called as Ohi day. It is the Day of No, when in honour to negative answer to Greeks, the Italians asked them to surrender during the World War II.
  • The Polytechnic Uprise against the Junta – This day is celebrated on November 17th every year. During the time of November 14th, 1974, the students in Polytechnic School of Athens locked themselves and protested for Junta. After 3 days, a tank attacked School many students were killed.


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