Greek Activity Places – Top 10 incredible and fabulous× Activities to be done and must be see in Greece

Meteora, Greece

Greece is known as fabulous country. Here you will find many amazing places and a lot of activities to do which makes you visit this place again and again. The top 10 incredible and fabulous Activities to be done in Greece are –

  • Santorini – It is a fantastic place of Greece and in its present state was shaped by the enormous blast of the volcano, Thira which formed the original island. Today, only the border of the volcano survives and the beautiful white cube Greek houses with their blue shutters and doors grip dangerously to the cliff edge. Arriving at Santorini by sea, allows you to see the banded colours of lava across the cliffs topped with the frosting of the lighter lava called tufa.
  • Mykonos – The people come here in holiday to relax and chill along with other beautiful people that common in island. Mykonos town is very pretty and the streets were designed to confuse Arab pirates that ravaged the shore in antiquity.
  • Hydra – It is located in Athens. Here, vehicle traffic is excluded and life is run at a gentle speed. Because of its uniqueness, it is a bit more expensive from other islands but for a peaceful time on a beautiful island it’s worth. Here you can have a great view and the chance to see the islands religious people lived their lives over the centuries.
  • Olympia – The first Olympic Games were detained in 776BC and went on every four years till the Romans abolished them. The Temple of Zeus is one of the wonders of the historic world, an enormous statue of Zeus in gold and ivory which lived in the temple. It was created by the well-known sculptor, Phidias.
  • Meteora – In Meteora, you will see the theatrical pinnacles of rock on the sphere. There is a little village called Kastraki and beyond that the road turns into a footpath that winds its way between the pinnacles to the six monasteries past.
  • Mt Olympus – Incredibly for the Mediterranean, it is a very dangerous trip in winter and spring because of the high snowfall and risk of avalanches. Carefully planned and at the right time of year, a hike and climb up Mount Olympus to the home of the gods can be a thrilling and worthwhile experience. Either you can take a guide or go on a party, make use of the mountain lodge to break up your journey, eat plenty of energy giving food before you start and take plenty of supplies and warm clothing with you.
  • Delphi – Another amazing ancient world you must visit is the slopes of Mt. Parnassus. Many kings and rulers required the advice of the oracle which had visionary powers. Unfortunately for many, the mysterious responses served to defeat them. The oracle was in fact a young maiden who was stuck in a cave where she breathed toxic but hallucinogenic gases that made her speak strangely.
  • Corinth Canal – Many rulers in ancient period dreamt of constructing a canal below the Isthmus of Corinth but most of them died before construction began and so the projects were discarded. The Emperor Nero built the canal by the Jewish prisoners of war. The canal was built in 19th century.
  • Food Game – Greece and Cyprus are popular for their ‘meze’ meals. In land and near the mountains, game is conducted near the sea, a lot of fish makes it into the meze and consistently, the meal is curved with some locally made sweets or yoghurt and honey. The dish called Chicken Hymettas, is been marinated in lime is cooked in honey and saffron before being served with toasted almonds.
  • Island Hopping -There are hundreds of islands off both coasts of Greece and many of them deserve a visit. The best way to reach island hop is either by using the ferries, hydrofoils and fishermen’s boats or to rent a ship and sail slow amongst them. The deep blue sea gives way to bright green islands where you can pull up, enjoy a beautiful meal before being rocked to sleep by the sea.

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