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Top 10 Coolest Hangouts in Bali

famous Rock Bar in Bali, Indonesia

If you’re in Bali, you’re probably looking for a good mix of inspiration, and relaxation. Not only is the city famous for its people and its sights, but it also provides a beautiful, fast-paced nightlife with the best music, drinks, people, and parties late into the night. Here’s a list of top 10 amazing places to hang out while you’re in Bali.

  1. Hu’u: Hu’u is an awesome bar in Bali that has all the things a club needs to be loved. It’s glamorous, starlit, and also has a large number of candles lighting up the interiors. It has a poolside bar, and the music is beautiful, making this a great place to be in.
  2. Ku De Ta: A calm beach bar, this is popular among tourists since it is open all day. This means you could come here in the morning while the sun’s up, or come in the evening to watch the sun set. It has amazing food, and a variety of drinks at the bar.
  3. Metis: One of the most dramatic places in Bali, the entrance to the restaurant and bar is lit up with torches. The bar is well-stocked, and the wine variety is impressive. The people are well-dressed, and the main dining area overlooks the surrounding paddy fields. Definitely a great place to be.
  4. Potato Head: One of the most recent openings, this beach club opened in 2010, and has become of one the most visited and coolest places to be. Very dramatic and elegant, it’s an art gallery, a lounge, and a beach club all rolled into one.
  5. Rock Bar, Ayana Resort: This bar provides a view of the Indian Ocean, and the lighting is soft and romantic. The bartenders are efficient, and the drinks are carefully made to your taste. And few things are more amazing than watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean.
  6. Sarong Bar: With a wide variety of drinks, and a relaxed but efficient service, Sarong makes for a quiet, elegant environment with its armchairs and mahogany tables. A favourite of travellers, the drinks make sure everyone is jovial and in a good mood.
  7. Blue Night Club: One of the best nightclubs in the city, this cool hangout over top 40 hits, and mixes by Contika’s DJ’s. Good music, good drinks, and a lounge area make this place a great hangout.
  8. Café Moka: Amazing food, and fresh fruit juices, this place offers grand French cuisine including authentic French salads and pastries. Also available are healthy tea and coffee, and great breakfast foods.
  9. The Bottle Shop: For those who like to get tipsy, The Bottle Shop is the perfect place for you, offering a large variety of drinks, at a range of affordable prices. And the people are pleasant to be around, so don’t be surprised if you get into a conversation with a stranger over a drink.
  10. The Legian: An expensive, sophisticated bar, it has live jazz music, and a variety of assorted local and Cuban cigars, as well as the sea breeze coming in. One of the most elegant places in Bali, this place is good to spend an evening in.

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