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Top 10 exciting adventures and activities must to do and must to see for you in Jamaica

Dunn's River Falls are waterfalls in Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Jamaica is known to be a well-known place for the lush landscaped of the hills, rivers and valleys. The blue misty mountains of this place are very attractive. Various outdoor activities and adventures can be experienced here and this is the main reason, it is known to be one of the ideal tourist destinations. Below mentioned are a few tourist attractions of this place that involve exciting and adventurous activities as well for all kinds of tourists and travellers –

  •   Climbing the Dunns River Falls at Ocho Rios – You can climb the thundering Dunns River Falls at Ocho Rios. This is known to be a very renowned passage. The rocks are usually slippery here and this is loved by the athletes. It is always better to take the help of a guide as they are the best people who can guide you with the safe routes. You can also explore a lot of rocks pools and swimming places here.
  •   Drive rafting on Martha Brae – You can cruise down Dunns River Falls at Ocho Rios. You can enjoy the amazing scenery here and look at the amazing wildlife. This is an ideal place to spend your evenings. Rafting activities are conducted at times for tourist participation.
  •   Cycle down on Tropical Blue Mountains Without pedals – You can enjoy cycling downhill on this mountain without pedalling and have a wonderful time. You can enjoy the amazing rainforest here. The cascading waterfalls, amazing rainforest, coffee plantations and various other pleasant things can be viewed here.
  •   Enjoy Bird Watching – You can view over 250 species of birds in Bluefields Bay. The national bird, streamer-tailed Hummingbird can be very easily found here. This is known to be a very beautiful place with coloured butterflies and colourful birds.
  •   Swim with sharks and dolphins at the Dolphin Cove – You can swim with sharks and dolphins at the Treasure Reef. You can also have the best time swimming with stingrays. Boating and Kayaking can be very well-enjoyed here. The kids will surely love this adventure.
  •   Digging out at the Bob Marley’s Reggae Roots – If you go on a Bob Marley bus tour at the island, you can visit many places like the legend’s museum, recording studio and such other places.
  •   Play Golf near the Montego Bay – Around the Montego Bay, you can find world-class championship golf courses to play the game and have the best time. If you love golf, then this is surely a must visit destination for you in Jamaica.
  •   Enjoy the amazing ghost hunting at the Rose Hall – If you visit the Rose Hall Great House, you can find the great house and can have some haunting experiences! It is said that the ghost of the white witch Annie Palmer, is still haunting here.
  •   Have the best time bargaining in the Ocho Rios – You can enjoy various colourful markets and free shopping in the Ocho Rios. But you should be aware that the sellers here are sometimes aggressive.
  •   Enjoy the amazing feast on Jerk Chicken and Ackee – You can taste various wonderful dishes when you visit Jamaica. The curried goat, peppered shrimp, jerk chicken and pork, ackee and many amazing dishes are something that should be tried.

With so many adventurous activities, you can have the best time in Jamaica! People visiting Jamaica have different flavours of entertainment and enjoyment. The above mentioned places have been enlisted keeping in mind the varied taste; all you have to do is check the appropriate place and activity to get indulged into.

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