Five places in the world where you are most likely to see UFOs

What is an UFO?

An Unidentified Flying Object or UFO is believed to be a mysterious extra-terrestrial flying object. The objects may hover, land or depart into the sky; however, to witness the same, you need to be in the right place at the right moment. These objects are not even identified with the help of RADAR and other devices. The UFOs may vary in shapes and sizes. A flying object can only be termed as an UFO if the performance, aerodynamic characteristics, unusual features do not match with any presently known aircraft or missile type.

Even though many claim to see UFOs, it still is an unsolved and unexplained mystery for the world. People vow to see UFOs with their eyes. Many pictures also confirm the view of few unidentified objects in the sky. However, scientists are yet to find any proof on it and they believe those objects to be some astronomical objects such as comets, bright meteors, one or more of the five planets that can be seen with the naked eye, planetary conjunctions, or atmospheric optical phenomena such as parhelia (Sun Dog) and lenticular clouds.

The presence of UFOs creates an undying interest in the curious minds of people. People want to explore the reality of UFOs by themselves. Many of the places are believed to be the regular visiting places for UFOs. People would definitely like to visit those places for UFO hunting. Though UFO hunting is not an easy task as ghost hunting, it is full of fun to expect the UFOs arriving on earth.

Let us discuss few places on earth where UFOs are believed to arrive in regular intervals.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is believed to witness world’s mass and frequent UFO sightings. The afternoon of 11th April, 2005 experience the aerial view of hundreds of luminous spheres flying in the sky. It was just like an extra-terrestrial airshow. An amateur videographer has also captured an unidentified object flying over restricted airspace. The local residents here vow to see these objects on a regular basis. As Mexico City is one of the most polluted cities in the world, scientists believe the radioactive birds to be mistaken as UFOs. The recent UFO reported in Mexico City was on December 13, 2009, when a “sky worm” was seen flying over the city.

Warminster, Wiltshire, England

The small town Warminster has been in discussions for the last 50 years for the alleged seeing of UFOs in the sky of the town. Warminster is believed to be very consistent in UFO sightings. The reason for which this place is believed to be frequently visited by aliens is the Stonehenge. As creating a structure like Stonehenge does not seem to be an effort from the human. People believe aliens have designed the Stonehenge and they pay regular visits to Warminster for homely beacon. The most common sightings include translucent, glowing orange discs that hover and dart into the sky at incredible speeds.

Nevada, United States

In Nevada, the route from Rachel to Area 51 along Highway 95 has become the stretch of highway where the most UFO sightings are reported in America. The Groom Lake Base is the test center for US military to test their new and experimental aircrafts. These aircrafts are believed to create wrong impressions of UFOs in the minds of people as they are not used to the new aircrafts. However, still people believe that those are nothing but UFO sightings and Nevada witnesses the maximum number of UFO sightings and Las Vegas is just following Nevada in UFO sightings.

Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe Well in Australia recently witnessed some extra-terrestrial activities to the north near Tindal’s RAAF Base. Here few people claimed to see a blinking light on the horizon, and then a huge flash covered the sky. They also claim that this activity usually happens every night and results in loss of power in the area. Wycliffe Well is not only believed to be the spot for UFO sightings but also it is believed to be the alien abduction capital of Australia. The area is believed to be the one of the reliable UFO hunting place as it is situated on one of the earth’s energy lines. However, the sightings can also be the resulting effects of the activities of the nearby military air base.

Colorado, United States

It is impossible to believe Colorado to be a human travel destination as there is nothing but Rocky Mountains. However, aliens might find Colorado secure enough to spend some quality time. Colorado has been registered as the highest percentage of UFO sightseeing place in the US. It also holds a prestige of 3 out of 10 UFO hotspots in the U.S. There is also a UFO Watch Tower established in Colorado to have a close look on the UFOs if they really visit Colorado.

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