Five countries you should visit to stay in an Ice Hotel

Most of us may choose a hotel where we will find a good sunny weather to relax. However, we have many who do not believe in traditional relaxation methods. Contrarily, they want to spend their vacations in an adventurous manner. Staying in an Ice hotel would be very new, refreshing and unique idea to spend your vacation in a delightful and alluring manner. An ice hotel is made temporarily to provide people a rich experience of delicate ice sculptures, snow-carvings and drinks served in ice goblets. The unusual environment of an ice hotel can help you enjoy the beauty of a light of dawn gleaming through the walls.


The ice hotels need to be maintained and renovated every year to provide the people with safety. The construction and operation of the ice hotels hugely depend on the sub-freezing temperature. Ice or compacted snow is used to construct the walls, fixtures, and fittings of an ice hotel.

Let us discuss few countries that provide you the great opportunity of staying in an ice hotel.


Ice hotels in Sweden are one of the most important and attractive features of Sweden tourism. The ice hotel in Jukkasjarv, Kiruna was the first ice hotel in the world. The complete structure of the hotel is made of snow and ice blocks collected from the Torne River. The glasses in the bar are also made of ice. People usually visit these ice hotels during summer. Every year, tones of ice are harvested from the Torne River to create many crafts. Ice bar designs and ice glasses are created of the ice collected from the Torne River. Ice also used for ice sculpting classes, events and product launches all over the world. Snow can be used for building a strong structure for the building.


Japan has also become very popular for its ice hotels. The first and only ice hotel constructed in Japan is the Alpha Resort Tomamu and this hotel is located in Shimukappu village. This ice hotel is built and opened during the summer in Japan every year. However, this hotel has only one room and only one group of guests are allowed at a time. This hotel is a 15 meter wide dome shaped structure where everything is made in ice. The interior temperature of this hotel is -3 to -5 degree Celsius. The guests enjoy a good vacation in summer as they experience an unusual stay where they use everything made of ice.


Canada has only one ice hotel for the snow lovers. Hotel de Glace was first inaugurated in 2001. Since then it has been active every year from the first week of January till the last week of March. When established first, the hotel was located on the shores of Lac-Saint-Joseph, Quebec. However, it has moved close to the city now. It is located in Old Town Quebec. The construction of this hotel offers thick snowy walls. The hotel provides outdoor spas and sauna where they can enjoy their stay by relaxing with the beautiful view of snowflakes and stars. The hotel provides room options starting from an Igloo to luxury deluxe suite for the travellers.


Norway is very popular with the name, “The Country of the Rising Sun”. However, it has also gained a lot of name by providing few ice hotels all around the country. The Ice Lodge, Kirkenes Snow hotel, and Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel are few of the ice hotels present in Norway. The Ice Lodge is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which enhances the beauty of the place for the nature lovers. People love to stay in this hotel due to the beauty of the location. The hotel is uniquely crafted and the temperature is retained at -1 to -4 degree Celsius. The hotel provides the visitors with sleeping bags and high-quality mattresses to make themselves cozy.

Kirkenes Snow hotel is located near the Russian border and it has 40 rooms, a bar and a chapel.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is located on an enchanting location, on the banks of the Alta River in Norway. The hotel looks complete with stunning ice sculptures. This hotel provides a lot of activities such as snowmobile safaris and dog sledding. The restaurants of this hotel are rich with exotic food options such as fried reindeer and cloudberry soup.


Romania is the first place in Eastern Europe to come up with an innovative idea of an Ice hotel. The ice hotel in Romania is located in Fagaras Mountains at an altitude of 2034 meters. The altitude and location of the ice hotel makes it accessible only via cable cars in winter. The hotel is situated next to the Balea Lake from which the craftsmen collect ice every year to create the ice hotel. The hotel offers 14 rooms and a church next to the hotel. The hotel is accessible from December to late April.

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